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Friday, 9 December 2011

UKIP: Peter Reeve still working for David Bannerman and the Tories

Readers of this blog will remember that Peter Reeve had a bust up with Stuart Gulleford (UKIP Chelmsford Office) after it emerged that Reeve was listed as a researcher in a Tory publication written by David Bannerman, the former UKIP MEP. LINK. It was later claimed that this was nothing than a 'courtesy acknowledgement' as much of the research had been carried out by Reeve while Bannerman was still in UKIP. This was a lie. We can confirm that Peter Reeve - UKIP regional organiser, UKIP councillor and boyfriend of Lisa 'Needs a Wash' Duffy - is STILL employed by Bannerman as a researcher.

A quick look at Bannerman's entry on the official EU website reveals that Reeve, Peter David is listed as one of his assistants. Click HERE to read it.

We wonder just how Mr Reeve's UKIP colleagues will react to this news? Bannerman is rightly regarded by UKIPPERS as a traitor and turncoat after he left the party to rejoin the Tories. Bannerman, in retaliation, has attacked the party as being nothing more than a pressure group. He also attacked Farage's leadership LINK and  LINK.

So Peter Reeve - a paid employee of UKIP - is also more than happy to work for a man who betrayed the entire membership of UKIP.

So Peter Reeve is more than happy to be listed as an assistant to the Tory MEP on the EU website. And this is despite his condemning the Tories as a"party that should be thrown out of government".

But should we be that surprised at Reeve's hypocrisy? Like Bannerman, the man is motivated by greed and ego. Integrity and honesty are alien words to such men. Remember how Bannerman once described the Tories?

It's overwhelmingly clear now that trusting Cameron with Europe will be as misguided as trusting Blair on Iraq". June 2010

And don't forget how Bannerman attacked the Tories in a CIB newspaper. LINK. How ironic that it was published at the same time as Bannerman's defection to the Tories!

And we are not surprised that Bannerman is keen to keep Reeve close to him. Reeve has enough dirt on Bannerman to finish his career. Remember that OLAF investigation? See below.

We can confirm that Mr Reeve will have some serious explaining to do! One senior UKIPPER has already expressed concerns over the security implications. Just what information on UKIP could Reeve be passing on to his Tory boss? And just what information on UKIP is being passed to the Tories via Reeve?

David Bannerman, Peter Reeve and Stuart Agnew are currently under investigation by OLAF after Stuart Agnew MEP admitted to a Times reporter that both he and Bannerman were illegally paying Reeve out of their EU allowances. LINK

Here is the video where he admits their dishonesty. Agnew can be heard on the video admitting that Reeve does no work for them, and that he is knowingly acting illegally:

“I can tell you that Peter is paid partly by me out of my assistance allowance here partly by David Bannerman . He does very little work for us, virtually none. He is working for the party. And that’s strictly illegal.”

Salaries paid via MEPs’ assistance allowance must not fund party work.

Also see: LINK

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