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Friday, 30 December 2011

More UKIP Bits and Pieces

Derek Clark demonstates to Bloggers (Farage Sycophants) 4 UKIP how best to please Nigel Farage

UKIP East Midlands

Things just get worse for Dippy Derek Clark. Steve Crowther (UKIP executive chairman) has confirmed to certain UKIPPERS that the region was down to JUST 829 members by April of this year!

And why are we not surprised? Clark is ONLY interested in the EU Gravy Train. The branches can Go to Hell as far as he is concerned. Under him, the region has seen branches close, members resign or forced out and idiots selected as candidates. Remember the farce that was the Leicester mayoral election? See: LINK.

And don't forget that Clark was ordered by OLAF to pay back roughly £60,000 after he was found guilty of misusing his EU allowances. LINK

And yet more terrible election results

The 'Farage Sycophants 4 UKIP' blog has called the Brighton result "slightly disappointing". Talk about the understatement of the year! But what can you expect from a man who has had his head firmly stuck up Nigel's backside for years?

Westbourne, Brighton and Hove

Lib Dem45
Trade Unionists &
Socialists Against Cuts
European Citizens Party13

Worlingham, Suffolk



Lord Pearson's EU Bill

Pearson's new Bill for a cost benefit analysis of membership of the EU has now passed to its first stages in the House of Commons. We expect it to vanish without trace.


Tafi Oman said...

I see Andy Pandy of Leicester fame has now defected from UKIP according to his wiki page - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abhijit_Pandya

Any more details?

Anonymous said...

The leadership is the problem

See here how to beat it: