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Sunday, 4 December 2011

UKIP: An independent view of Nigel Farage

A very interesting independent analysis of what's wrong with UKIP. Written by a 33 year old after watching a selection of Farage's speeches on the Internet.

Farage clearly has a facility for theatre and oratory, but so do most well trained actors. The political role that Farage holds is the easiest role for a good orator to deliver. He will never be in government so won't ever have to take responsibility for actually implementing any of his policies (a privileged position that I bet the Lib Dems wish they could return to!), he is only standing on one issue - Europe (although obviously a multifaceted and complex issue), he does not need to build bridges with any of the political class in Europe and can therefore bark from the sidelines without any damage to his political position.

Also, it is always easier to sound convincing when speaking against a topic than it is to defending a topic, which is why many unintelligent people enjoy complaining and holding cynical views, as it's a cheap way of making those views sound more important than they actually are. This is also why defence lawyers are more respected and are paid more then prosecution lawyers, because their role is a more complex.

In short, Farage's role in the
European parliament is an orator's *** *****. He can just stand up and let rip with pre rehearsed rhetorical speeches, particularly in the current climate, where his opponent, the EU, is on its knees and looking like a joke. I'd love to have a go at that! What a luxury to be able to look world leaders in the face, Merkel, Sarcozy, Blair, Brown etc. and be allowed to rant at them for five uninterrupted minutes at a time. You could charge 100k a minute to be able to do that!

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