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Friday, 16 March 2012

UKIP becomes a full blown dictatorship as Farage gains total control over the Party following Constitution 'Vote'

UKIP Constitution

There are serious concerns regarding the outcome of the vote to change UKIP's constitution, a change that now gives Nigel Farage - via control of the NEC - the final say on who becomes an MEP candidate.

We remind our readers that it also gives Nigel Farage the final say on UKIP becoming a pan-European party (see below).

UKIP's leadership claim that 91.9% (6745) voted Yes. They also claim that only 593 (8.1% ) voted No. The last person to get such a massive percentage of yes votes was a certain Adolf Hitler in 1930's Germany! And that was always over 90%!  How apt that Farage now claims a similar dubious result!

Members of the Junius Team have contacted UKIPPERS across the UK and have yet to find a single member who voted Yes. The whole thing frankly stinks. So what of the allegations that voting slips from deceased members were received? What of the allegations that No slips mysteriously vanished? And what of the allegations that extra Yes slips were copied and later added to the Yes pile during the count?

So the last flickers of democracy in UKIP have been extinguished following a highly dubious vote. Hail the Fuhrer!

Tim Congdon duped by Farage

Tim Congdon dropped his opposition to UKIP's constitutional changes because Nigel Farage promised him that UKIP would not be taken into a pan-European party during his leadership. Our photo (taken in October 2011) shows that this was a lie. The placard has the UKIP logo alongside the EAF (a pan-European party) logo. This EAF sponsored placard is being held aloft by UKIP activists who are clearly wearing UKIP rosettes. Thanks to Farage, the EAF name and logo are now out on the streets of Westminster, being held high by UKIP members and activists.

Professor Congdon was duped..

It is a shame to see this. We can only hope that truth will prevail, and that the man who is one of UKIP's few intellectual assets will realise he was lied to and taken for a mug, and will have the courage to stand up to the man who has taken him for a mug. If he does, he will find a lot of support at grassroots level, and amongst the upper echelons of the party

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Greg_L-W. said...


to be fair the vote of over 90% is not uncommon.

In dictatorships where only one point of view is put forward and where the official publications provide ringing endorsements without balance or criticism such results frequently occur but NOT in any recognisable democratic process - as noted Hitler frequently obtained 90% endorsement but then again so did Jo Stalin, Bennitto Mussolini, Franco, Pol Pot and Mau.

Such results are easily achieved but as then normally by dishonest and biased means.

It is rare that such results bring other than opprobrium in hindsight amongst ethical people and I suspect it is such unprofessional behaviour by UKIP leadership that has contributed hugely to their political irrelevance and the contempt in which they are held by the media and honest individuals of integrity.

Clearly you will I'm sure agree that the membership claims of active members are far from plausible and that the result was so long witheld past the closing date of 29-Feb-2012 makes it yet more implausible.

Sadly UKIP leadership's track record of unprofessional and corrupt behaviour sets a precedent which they have striven to uphold!