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Saturday, 10 March 2012

UKIP still fails to make election breakthrough despite Farage's spin

Mr Insincere

We note that Nigel Farage still continues to claim that UKIP is surging ahead in the polls. He further claims that UKIP will have the largest number of UK MEPs in 2014. He also claims that UKIP has now replaced the Lib Dems as 'Britain's third party'. So why aren't these claims reflected in recent by-election results? If half of what Farage said were true, UKIP would now be winning seats across the length and breadth of the UK. The reality is somewhat different........

Castle (Carlisle)
Lab 407
Lib Dem 369
Con 93
Green 54

Kemsley (Swale)
Con 384
Lab 312
UKIP 279
Lib Dem 166

Rowley (Stafford)
Lab 620
Con 540
Green 67

Baylis and Stoke (Slough)
Lab 1300
Ind 764
Ind 68


Stephen Trafford said...

Well, the second result is certainly good news for UKIP, Conservative vote down 16%, Labour vote down 0.5%, UKIP vote up 11%, LIb Dem vote up 6.6%, overall a 13.5% swing from Consrvatives to UKIP.

Junius said...

The second result is indeed better than the others. However, UKIP is still nowhere near to winning seats at Westminster and this is the point we are making.

In December, UKIP averaged 1% of the vote in by-elections. Farage has about as much chance of entering Number 10 as the Devil has of re-entering Heaven.

The General said...

Mr Trafford's comment proves your point rather nicely. The problem is that UKIP's membership has become completely deluded into thinking that avoiding electoral meltdown is actually success. As long as the members behave like sheep UKIP has no future.