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Monday, 12 March 2012

UKIP: More Derek Clark

We have already written about the planned move to remove Derek 'I luv a piece of Cod' Clark as Regional Chairman. He was to face a vote of no confidence, a vote that he was not going to win.

We can confirm that the East Midlands Regional Committee has been dissolved. This was proposed by Charles Swaby, a proposal that allowed Clark to stand down and thus prevent the humiliation of being removed by his fellow UKIPPERS.

A new committee will be formed in due course. We sincerely hope that Derek Clark will not be foolish enough to seek re-election as Regional Chairman under the new committee. The East Midlands needs new blood. The last thing it needs is a stupid old man leading them further into the abyss! For more on Clark: LINK

1 comment:

Greg_L-W. said...


the UKIP claque never cease to amaze in their stupidity!

I note they are seeking to denigrate the value of the many facts provided by you at Junius based upon your comment:
'I luv a piece of Cod' relative to the odious fraudster, liar and stupid geriatric who advocated 'greater subsidiarity for these United Kingdoms to The EU' and strengthening the control of The EU over Britain!

This is the man who has consistently lied to his Regional committee and constituents amongst others in claiming he was NOT investigated by OLAF - when whichever way you cut it being found guilty of fraudulently stealing money from the public purse and being ordered to repay between £30 & £100K shows he has lied.

That he boasted at a public meeting as to how he defrauded the EU is absolutely undeniable.

That he tries to pass himself off as a scientist when that amounted to a teaching diploma after his National Service back in the 1950s and teaching problem children general science to a carriculum standard is clearly not a qualification to pass oneself of as a scientist!

Then we had the rather frail JOKE you made at his expense as UKIP's Fisheries spokesman whilst living almost as far as one could from the sea in Britain in a totally land locked constituency - could it be that 'he likes a nice piece of cod' for clearly it can not be based upon his personal experiences.

Clark's position as an expert has all the integrity of the idiotic publicity picture of Nigel Farage in full fishing gear with arms outstretched - which was in fact taken on a building site which had flooded!

To date I am unaware of a single item on consequence published by you at Junius which is in any way materially wrong or deliberately false!

I know just how assiduosly UKIP Leadership check my blogs and as yet they have never found a single solitary error of any consequence and have in fact established that EVERY post I have made has been factually correct!

This does not however prevent their goffers, all too often in cowardly anonymity, from endlessly telling lies and seeking tyo defame me and denigrating the facts on The Junius blog.

UKIP Leadership are indubitably UKIP's worst enemy with their lack of leadership and abject failure to police the behaviour of their so called supporters and openly denounce their dishonesty, stupidity and abusive ill manners.