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Monday, 17 September 2012

New Referendum Party featured in the Sun!


It has also been featured in The Sunday Mercury. Excellent news!

So now the British people have a real alternative to Farage's corrupt EUKIP!

We would urge all UKIPPERS to abandon Farage's sinking ship and join the We Demand A Referendum Party at the earliest opportunity!


Greg_L-W. said...


let us be sure that the self serving, self enriching clowns at UKIP do not dishonestly try to claim any part in this venture and drag it down to their gutter level of politics.

This NEW initiative is NOT some kind of spoiler for UKIP as firstly its core is made up of people who want no part of being a broad based Political Party - they do NOT have ambitions to enrich themselves from the public purse - just look at howmany staff Nikki Sinclaire supports on her team as an MEP and compare it with the numbers and family members on UKIP's staff!

Then consider the open transparency of Sinclaire's accounts relative to the clandestine obfuscation of UKIP MEPs such as Farage where it is only via leaks and media exposure that the public get to hear of the obscene overpayment of Derek Clark's resident drunk!

Or the theft of public money that was ordered repaid by criminals like Tom Wise and also Graham Booth, Jeffrey Titford, Nigel Farage, Derek Clark and no doubt others & of course the boasting of crimuinality by Tom Wise, Stuart Agnew and no doubt others.

Then of couyrse there is the plastic EUroSceptic Roger Helmer who is in it for all he can make even boasting to the meduia that he had made application to have his home repositioned by the EU so that he could milk off yet more travel expenses - little wonder he was so keen on supporting Tom Wise and has been 'Swanning' around rather than doing anything honourable - he is now of course part of the racist, anti homosexual, anti Jewish xenophobes in the gutter of EU politics with the pan EU EFD group which UKIP milks for all it can!

It was not until the media passed on the facts that UKIP members learned that Bloom was paying family and friends as staff nor that Farage was paying his wife Kirsten £30,000 a year and even his office didn't know and didn't know what 'Work' she did for UKIP for that money!

There is no doubt that the NEW Group uis NOT a spoiler for UKIP but UKIP have lied, che3ated and defamed Nikki Sinclaire and others to keep their own snouts in the EU trough where it is impossible to identify anything of note they have done in 20 years towards Leave-The-EU despite the many £Millions of public money they have trousered!

We hear from leaks that despite an incredibly generous PRIVATE HEALTH scheme for MEPs Nigel Farage had the cheek to stick members of UKIP (many of whom are unemployed and pensioners) with his health bills when he was in an accident and even set out to claim every penny he could from Justin Adam's insurance for the ACCIDENT!

Funny how UKIP & the public purse fund his stupidities but when he wins anything it seems to wind up in his personal pocket and overseas bank accounts!

The NEW group is campaigning for a Referendum based on a level playing field, input to the questions, A Royal Commission and THEN Let The People Decide.

The NEW group is NOT a challenge to UKIP because UKIP is clearly only interested in the self enrichment of their so called leadership clique and the support of their claque.

Good luck to the NEW initiative.

Those of us who actually want to Leave-The-EU have every reason to aid and support the NEW initiative - those who want to play politics and try to get their snouts in the troughs on the gravy train are and should be better served by UKIP.

Meanwhile other serious initiatives like The Harrogate Agenda plod on with hard work and little reward on the way to their set agenda and also deserve our support.


Claire Khaw said...

Please explain the ways in which UKIP is corrupt.

Junius said...

Just read this blog and you will find out why. And read GLW's blog for even more info.

Greg_L-W. said...


Claire Khaw you have asked this question previously and I have responded - Are you looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear by repeating the question rather than accepting the FACTS?

A brief bit of research shows all you need to know to realise that UKIP is at present undeniably corrupy and unarguably unfit for purpose.

Just look at UKIP's vile partners in The EU and at the claque of liars and low life defaming and dissembling behind fake identities and the scum of politics gathered in greed around the feeding troughs!

Are you asking again because you followed UKIP propaganda without checking the facts?

UKIP & its wanabes may lie and defame, dissemble and dupe but to date in several 1,000 postings of fact and opinions they have never ONCE identified a consequential error of fact or proven effort to mislead in ANY of my blogs and postings - Despite their cowardly lies and efforts to defame me.

The same seems true of Team Junius!


Gregg said...

This is good news but I hope thast they take the principled position of not taking up their seats if elected. Which was UKIP's position when formed.

In partial answer to Claire Khaw it is the obscene amount of money UKIP MEPs earn, and their staff, that has corrupted UKIP. Despite all that cash they have yet to come near winning a seat in Westminster whereas the Greens and Respect both have representation there.

Greg_L-W. said...


CK - Gregg Beaman is of course correct in his answer to your question but as for taking up their seats I presume he will suggest how they will make up the resultant shortfall in funding.

With his views perhaps he has an alternative suggestion!

The cost of managing, promoting, printing, ad vans, advertising, travel etc. is funded in the main from the surplus daily allowances and excess travel payments for legitimate travel and allowances of supporting MEPs, I understand.

It is not the attending the EU that is the issue it is the low moral fiber of many who do who then set up off shore bank accounts and obfuscated accounts to ensure they can stuff their pockets and enhance their personal wealth at the expense of the tax payer whilst 'living high on the hog' with paid wives and families, expensive mistresses and life styles etc.

Of course the new groups elected representatives will seek funding for their campaign to demand a Royal Commission and subsequent free, fair, and equally funded and promoted referendum on IN / OUT of The EU.

Let The People Decide and seek to repatriate our right of self determination and restore our democracy - That by attending The EU we can obtain the funding for the campaign is a benefit provided by the tax payers - a majority of whom are known to want this referendum on these terms.

70 MEPs elected for the campaign to represent the majority will be a great help in funding thanks to the over generous bribes of The EU ;-)


PS - Politicians who believe EU funding is for wine, prostitutes and family enrichment will hopefully be weeded out by selection processes and both legally & morally binding terms to prevent abuse - not to enrich the leadership!