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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Nikki Sinclaire continues to Battle for Britain!

And once again Nikki Sinclaire puts Farage and his sycophants to shame! Another 100,000 have now signed her petition for a referendum on the EU!

And what has Farage done in comparison? He has brought the euro-realist cause into disrepute by getting drunk and collapsing into gutters, promoting sycophants, living it up at the taxpayer's expense and using party funds to pursue vendettas against members.


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Greg_L-W. said...


full marks to Nikki Sinclaire & her team in keeping the issue of leave-The-EU and another 100,000 signatures presented to Drowning Street for the values of democracy & 'Let The People Decide'.

Even having recruited high profile successes to the campaign like Katie Hopkins and various cross party political figures it would be a referendum that would be lost without much more control forcing honesty and integrity on an unwilling Government.

That Nikki Sinclaire has commissioned an independent poll showing 56% of the electorate want an In / Out referendum and 71% of the electorate DO NOT trust their own politicians relative to The EU has added considerable gravitas to the campaign - giving The Sun, The Express and other media a 'hook' to hang the story on and a new perspective.

Well done to Nikki Sinclaire who has achieved this despite the constant lies and corruption of UKIP which has so harmed the EUroSceptic movement that clearly now it can be claimed their efforts have become part of the EU problem with no value for the solution.

UKIP have had 20 years to achieve something of value for the Leave-The-EU cause and they haven't even managed to present an 'Exit & Survival Strategy' they seem to be far too busy bedding eachother and back stabbing in persuit of sexual gratification and enrichment to have done ANYTHING of consequence value or gravitas.

Well done to team Sinclaire & welcome Katie Hopkins to the team.