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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

UKIP: Resignations

We note that Chris Bruni-Lowe - UKIP's campaign manager - has resigned after being the subject of a smear campaign led by Lisa Duffy. Ms Duffy couldn't stand the thought of someone actually competent doing the job and saw Mr Bruni-Lowe as a threat to her position in the party. The allegations made against Mr Bruni-Lowe include having a fling with Annabelle Fuller. Farage was less than pleased when told this and had the usual hissy fit. Nigel likes his mistresses to stay loyal to him!

We wish Mr Bruni-Lowe the best of luck in his future endeavours. He is currently engaged to Lord Pearson's daughter.

Katie Snape has also quit UKIP. She was a UKIP press officer and former Sky News employee. She has gone on record as stating that working for UKIP was like working for a circus. She now looks to work for a more professional organisation.

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