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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

UKIP: Marta Andreasen on Farage's dictatorship

Marta Andreasen has been increasingly vocal in her criticisms of Nigel Farage's leadership. She rightly fears that he will replace her as his running mate when it comes to selecting the new list for the South East.

She gave a rather illuminating conference interview to Micheal Crick of Channel 4. She pointed out that Farage has total control of the selection of MEP candidates. Farage lamely countered that the NEC would select the final list of candidates. Mr Crick rightly pointed out that Farage controlled the NEC and therefore controlled the lists!

Click here to see the interview: LINK

We would advise both Marta Andreasen and Gerard Batten to start looking for alternative employment as their days as UKIP MEPs are numbered.

And we would advise members to create hell over the list system. Farage already has his favoured candidates ready to take the number one and two slots. So the choices of the regional membership will count for nothing! And yes, the NEC will do as they are told.

And ignore Farage's claim that the changes to the MEP list system are to ensure that candidates like David Bannerman and Marta Andreasen are never chosen again. Has he forgotten that these candidates were his favoured choices? Has he forgotten who rigged the selection to ensure they were picked?

Farage is the one who should kept away from the whole selection process!

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Greg_L-W. said...


it is sad to see Nigel Farage yet again telling lies to the media. He shows once again his total ineptitude as a leader.

I also note the outspoken attack on his leadership was made by the proven corrupt Marta Andreassen whose comments were clearly the hight of hypocrisy.

It is easy to forget that Marta Andreassen owes her position to her lies about being a whistleblower, as the Court judgement against her shows and to exploitation of UKIP's corruption of which she herswelf complains!

Do not forget Andreassen was a Farage protege PLACED in her position by Farage i9n much the same manner as he has placed every other idiot who holds office in UKIP be that Andreassen, David Bannerman, Andrew Smith, Mick McGough, Steve Crowther, Roger Helmer, Mark Croucher, Douglas Denny, Godfrey Bloom, Gawain Towler, Malcolm Wood, Annabelle Fuller etc. etc.

Let us not forget the embarrassing mess UKIP found itself in as a result of Ashley Mote, Kilroy Silk & David Bannerman were Farage's placements & errors of judgement!

Do not forget Nigel Farage took absolutely no meaningful action against Tom Wise save borrow money from him to pay his own debts!

Is it really any wonder that UKIP has seen such a catastrophic collapse since 2004 and have failed to get any where near getting an MP elected and has an insignificant number of elected councillors and out of some 19,500 electable seats has less than 30 of any note by being elected!

I do however appreciate how a person as dishonest as Marta Andreassen will make any effort and claim to keep her seat on the gravy train.

It is clearly claimed that to sleep with the enemy may well enhance ones status on the list, where it is suitable!

Perhaps the electorate would be best served by considering what is UKIP for as we need another party of corrupt self serving politicians like a hole in the head and it is clear UKIP have lost sight of the goal they were elected to fulfill - Leave-The-EU.

Yes I appreciate Farage's party has jumped on the Referendum band wagon when it is clear even the Tories are campaigning for a referendum AFTER having ensured with Labour & the LibDims that they park the EU issue firmly out of sight until AFTER the General Election.

It is clear from the pamphlet on referendum Farage has rushed out that neither he nor UKIP have a clue what is going on nor how the referendum card will be played by the Tories with the IN / OUT referendum George EUstace and his cronies have been charged with rigging where IN / OUT will carry the sub text for IN will be 'We will negotiate the very best deal we can for Britain in the new Treaty (Constitution) being drawn up for 2016 with central banking and federalisation and NOT risk being OUT of the negotiation'.

This will be a winning policy for the Tories and they WILL get the IN vote they want.

Farage makes it clear in his pamphlet on Referendum that he will be doing all he can to help the IN vote by deliberately (or due to pure stupidity) campaigning merely for an IN / OUT referendum be it in blood or signed on pillow cases!

A closer study of the 'Let-The-People-Decide' Campaign for a Referendum might enlighten Farage's party in its support of the dishonest manouvering Tories are playing their way towards!

It is sad to see UKIP the party so many of us have tried to support so obviously corrupted!