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Thursday, 13 September 2012

UKIP skivers

UKIP MEPs have been attacked for their laziness in the European Parliament. What Chris Davies probably does not realise is that UKIP MEPs use the tactic of non-engagement in order to cover up the fact that they simply don't understand what is going on. Can you imagine Derek Clark, for example, taking an active part in any meaningful debate?

They all seem to get the bit about signing in for allowances, but beyond that not much happens.

How amusing it was to see Nigel Farage Tweeting the fact that it took him 23 hours to get from Hong Kong to Strasbourg as a way of denying that he is lazy.

What, did he walk?

No, he would have travelled, probably by first or business class, as the European Parliament allows for that, by airliner.

Reclining at 30,000 feet with a gin & tonic hardly absolves him for failing, again and again, to turn up for work

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Greg_L-W. said...


more to the point - what did Nigel Farage hope to achieve that justified the waste of time and expense of going to Hong Kong relative to his elec ted duty and JOB of WORKING to Leave-The-EU - or was he just showboating?