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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Farage’s appointments as leader

And so the sycophants earn their rewards!

Chief Executive: Steve Crowther (ex-South West Regional Organiser). A new SW RO now sought. Trevor Colman was not even to be consulted over this.

Secretary: Michael Greaves. Appointed by NF personally and NOT the NEC. A leading Farage ass licker. Is so desperate to please his master that he would even sleep with Scruffy Duffy and Peter Reeve if the Fuhrer demanded it.

Head of Research Dept: AbihijitPandya.

Young Independence: The odious Paul Nuttall MEP.

Chairman fundraising: Lord Malcolm Pearson.

Fundraising Officer: Stephen Woolfe. Is also expected to be deputy treasurer.

General factotum: Appears to be Godfrey Bloom MEP. Will act as general dogsbody for the leader.

Position of Party Treasurer not yet confirmed.

And yet more dire local election results

Cambridge City - Coleridge: Lab 900, C 734, Lib Dem 223, Green 137, Ukip 53. (May 2010 - 1320, C 1160, Lib Dem 1040, Green 446, Ukip 118). Lab gain from C. Swing 2.1% C to Lab.

UKIP's vote in Cambridge continues to plummet. So much for UKIP being the "natural alternative" to the old party system in Cambridge. Peter Reeve should really learn to keep his mouth shut.

Swindon Borough - Moredon: Lab 887, C 755, Ukip 129, Lib Dem 98. (May 2010 - C 1679, Lab 1485, Lib Dem 792, BNP 310). Lab gain from C. Swing 5.8% C to Lab

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