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Saturday, 20 November 2010

UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire featured in Parliament.Com

Nikki's legal action against UKIP gets more publicity:

An investigation has been launched after UK deputy Nikki Sinclaire was allegedly verbally abused by a former colleague in parliament.

Sinclaire says that former Ukip colleague Godfrey Bloom called her a "queer" during last month's Strasbourg session.

She says she was so "shocked" by the comment that it took her two days to lodge a formal complaint.

The investigation is being overseen by parliament's president Jerzy Buzek.

Sinclaire said, "I have spoken to the president and he has assured me that this will not happen again."

Meanwhile, Sinclaire has announced she is taking legal action against Ukip for alleged discrimination based on sexual orientation.

She is taking the party to an employment tribunal after she was expelled from Ukip for refusing to be part of the multi-national group it has joined in parliament.

Sinclaire had said some of Ukip's allies in Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) had "extreme views".

The West Midlands deputy had refused to sit with her own party members in parliamentary meetings for weeks.

Sinclaire cited the breakdown of her relationship with Ukip leader Nigel Farage and the "extreme views" of some of Ukip's political allies.

While she did not want to quit the party Ukip's national executive committee removed the whip from her.

Sinclaire is angry because she says another former Ukip member, Mike Nattrass, left the party at about the same time, citing similar concerns but that no action was taken against him.

She told this website, "I can only deduce that action was taken against me, such as withdrawing the whip, because I am a lesbian."

She now sits, along with Nattrass, as a non-attached member in parliament and claims the disciplinary action has jeopardised her future career prospects.

Bloom, one of the party's most senior members, was not immediately available for comment.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how Mr Bloom would feel if he was called "Fatty", or "Bloomin fat".

Godfrey Bloom only disgraces himself when he resorts to derogatory name calling. And he also loses the respect of his colleagues both in the UK and in Brussels.

After that outburst at Nikki Sinclair, no doubt European politicans are quietly thinking to themselves whenever they see Mr Bloom, 'Twat'.

And I for one would agree.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bloom should not presume to take his MEP status for granted.

Does he not realize that derogatory name calling of a colleague only results in the electorate taking a dislike to him.

Once the electorate decides they don't like an MEP's behaviour, or consider them prejudiced then they stop voting for them.

Junius said...

And we agree!