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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

UKIP: John Whittaker is an idiot

Ashley Mote writes:

"There is no mechanism for refunding unused funds to member states. They just pile up in Brussels, hidden away by the bureaucrats who rightly guess that – most of the time – no-one will notice." See: LINK

Actually, in late 2004 an amendment to existing legislation was tabled calling for unused funds to be returned to member states. UKIP MEPs were set to support this amendment enthusiastically, when Farage insisted that John Whittaker should check it first. His advice, astonishingly, was to vote against. MEPs who complained were told to follow the whip and to respect Whittaker's superior knowledge of all things economic.

UKIP was then mocked in the Brussels media, and on various blogs, for this bizarre move against the national interest.

Over the years, and especially when he produced his politically illiterate local government manifesto, it became apparent that Whittaker was something of a liability.

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