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Monday, 8 November 2010

UKIP: Ms Bonici, Farage and the Pan-European Alliance

Sharon Ellul Bonici, front woman for Nigel Farage's new pan-European political party, and Maltese Marxist candidate in last year's Euro-elections, has urged the EU to accept a Libyan proposal on immigration, and has voiced her support for the EU's "FRONTEX" border management project based in Warsaw.

She said in a statement that the EU should be able to spare a billion euros towards effectively solving the problem.

Ms. Ellul Bonici welcomed Libya's proposal for a $1 billion in EU aid in exchange for collaboration to stem illegal immigration.

"Some people are saying this is blackmail on Libya's part, but I don't see it that way. Combating illegal immigration is costly. The EU should take this opportunity and make sure it paves the way towards a readmission agreement with Libya," Ms. Ellul Bonici added.

"Then it should strengthen Frontex in order to patrol the EU border and deal with the whole process itself - from asylum applications to readmission and reallocation...íf it takes another billion towards solving this problem it would be a billion well spent" she concluded.

Now we might argue that such political naiveté is a charming little cameo of an island on which compulsory schooling is a relatively new concept. However it is not something that we in the UK might welcome, and in particular the centre-right membership of UKIP might wonder why a UKIP MEP is employing a person who subscribes to such left-wing views. It is the case that UKIP's resident clown, Godfrey Bloom, who left the financial services industry in disgrace after attracting a whopping great fine for his company, is indeed employing Ms. Ellul Bonici as the nominal secretary of Nigel Farage's latest money-spinning pan-European initiative. Of course, this is not a decision that Bloom would have reached on his own - he is Farage's ho, and he does as he is told.

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David said...

Ms Bonici is what Bloom would call "a squaw".