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Saturday, 6 November 2010

UKIP: The Lemmings speak!

The nightmare continues.

The recent leadership election results prove that the majority of UKIPPERS simply don't care about the future of the party. That 60% of the membership are content to re-elect a corrupt spiv tells you all you need to know about their integrity or ignorance.

So business as usual.

Farage has a mandate to do exactly what he pleases.

A corrupt and sycophantic NEC will continue to rubber stamp whatever Farage wants.

Sycophants without talent will continue to be promoted at the expense of those with real leadership qualities.

UKIPPERS are happy for UKIP to remain on the fringe of British politics- a single issue party with no real interest in domestic policies.

Local and General Election campaigns will continue to be fought in the usual Farage way. UKIP will put up candidates merely to gain rights to a free TV broadcast and media attention. Campaigns will be left to the last minute with no attention made to local issues. Calls for local and national campaigns based on years of hard local work will be ignored.

Farage will continue to pretend that the public support UKIP - despite terrible election results - and will carry on promoting the lie that FARAGEKIP can somehow take enough votes from the Tories and thus frighten Cameron into giving us a referendum on membership of the EU. The fact that Pearson and Farage tried it at last General Election and failed miserably will be conveniently forgotten.

The Pan-European Alliance will proceed full steam ahead.

The majority of UKIP's money and resources will continue to be used to provide Farage and his sycophants with the means to remain on the EU Gravy Train as MEPs.

Farage will continue to abuse his position as an MEP, line his pockets at the taxpayer's expense, continue to employ his wife and refuse to publish a FULL audit of his accounts.

Anyone who disagrees with Farage will face expulsion from the party.

UKIP will decline. The membership will continue to fall and UKIP's share of the local and national vote will continue to plummet.

Many UKIPPERS - including certain UKIP MEPS - will carry on grumbling about Farage's dishonesty and dictatorial attitude. However, they will continue to do nothing. Won't they Trevor?

UKIPPERS have signed UKIP's death warrant.

The full results for the leadership election:

Farage - 6085
Congdon - 2037

Bannerman - 1404
McKenzie - 530


pop said...

You say "60% of the membership are content to re-elect a corrupt spiv"

Maybe they don't beleive that Nigel is a corrupt spiv.

Its easy for you to write such things, but it doesn't actually add anything to the cause does it?

Nigel is leader for the next 4 years - if you genuinely think thats the end of UKIP, presumably you'll be shutting down this blog - no? if not why not?

Junius said...

Ignorance is no excuse.

pop said...

That's rather a weak response.

What do you think people need an 'excuse' for? for disagreeing with you?

What are your qualifications that you think people should put their own views aside and just adopt yours?

Greg_L-W. said...


pop - I believe you are absolutely correct.

There is very little likelihood of UKIP supporters responding to either facts or evidence as in the main they are disinterested and have a tribal antipathy for other parties.

That the majority of the rump party that are left take no interest is self evident - even UKIP MEPs make very little effort on behalf of the principles of the party and to the activists that are left it is merely a process of self enrichment - the balance are just the sheeple of 'lobby fodder'.

Hence UKIP has shrunk so and has ever less relevance - it takes some doing to have a falling response on a rising market but without competent leadership that has proved to be UKIP's fate.

UKIP has become a part of the problem its self serving exclusive nature being an obstacle to progress to Leave-The-EU