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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

UKIP News: Gordon Parkin & UKIP lose court case while Bannerman chases the Tories with an offer to 'destroy' UKIP

Gordon Parkin: That smile has been well and truly wiped off his face!

We are extremely pleased to announce that Alan Hardy has won his court case against Gordon Parkin and UKIP.

This concerns their decision to unlawfully ban Mr Hardy from attending UKIP meetings in the region. And what was Mr Hardy’s crime? He had the audacity to voice concerns about the collapse of UKIP in the north east and Parkin’s role in it!

It is interesting to note that UKIP has been funding Parkin's defence. UKIPPERS in the North East - and indeed across Britain - were not even asked if they minded their funds being used in this way!

We will be publishing the full details of this historic win as soon as we can.

This victory for Mr Hardy should prove of great interest to Nikki Sinclaire as she has faced similar treatment at the hands of the Farage cabal.


Bannerman offers to "destroy UKIP"

Readers of this blog may recall that Bannerman had approached Eastern Region Tories BEFORE the leadership election with an offer to stand for them as lead MEP candidate in 2014. But there is now much more to this story! See: LINK

Now the dust has settled on UKIP's leadership election, David Bannerman must be wondering where to turn next. Embarrassing revelations have emerged this week concerning his recent bid to cross the floor.

His interview with the British conservatives left them less than impressed, it seems, and was the subject of hilarity at a boozy dinner in Brussels last night.

Bannerman's greatest ambition, he announced, is to be a tory MP. He explained that he felt the first becoming a UKIP MEP would help him acheive his dream, The tories were not entirely convinced by this. His greatest mistake, however, was to declare that if accepted into the tory fold, he would give them all the information they would need to "destroy UKIP". That might be typical hyperbole in UKIP circles, but the tories were not at all impressed with the "treacherous nature" of the man.

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Anonymous said...

Gordon Parkin and Steve Allison have closed Stockton branch of UKIP. OVER THE TROUBLE WITH ALAN HARDY.
Members very upset about this, and are trying to reform a new branch.