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Thursday, 21 July 2011

UKIP Back in Court: Nigel prepares to throw away at least £30,000 in order to avoid paying £750 in court damages to member of his own party!

Alan Hardy

Readers of this blog will remember that Alan Hardy successfully defeated UKIP in court. This case concerned Gordon Parkin's - UKIP NE Regional Organiser - decision to ban Mr Hardy from attending UKIP meetings. UKIP's leadership also tried to expel him from the party. In response, Mr Hardy took them to court. UKIP foolishly relied on Lisa Duffy to argue their case in court. And the result? UKIP lost. They were ordered to reinstate Mr Hardy and pay him £750 in damages See: LINK & LINK

So would Farage accept the judgement in good grace? Fat chance! His ego won't allow it.

Now what did Bannerman say?

Nigel's taste for pursuing personal vendettas on the party’s credit account, has led to a legal bill running at £140,000 a year.


UKIP has been given leave to appeal and the case will be heard today. UKIP's legal costs are likely to be at least £30,000! And even if they win, Mr Hardy will not be liable for UKIP's costs!

So UKIP's leadership is willing to waste thousands contesting the original decision of the court rather than pay out a paltry £750! So will Stuart Wheeler be expected to foot the bill? And will Farage even tell him what the money is for? And what does the membership think? Are they happy that the party is willing to spend at least £30,000 in order to avoid paying Mr Hardy £750 in damages?

Farage really needs his head looking at. That crash must have affected his mind more than we originally thought. Spending at least £30,000 to avoid writing a cheque for £750 doesn't sound like the wisest of moves!

Here is a recent email from Mr Hardy:

Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 12:18:20 +0100

Hello everyone,

I'm sure most, if not all of you know, that I obtained judgment in the High Court last year against not only the local chairman of the political party of which I am a member, but also the party itself.

The defendant's did not like that and appealed. The appeal is to be heard next week in the Court of Appeal in London. As at the original hearing, I shall be representing myself. And, as a condition of the appeal, the other side will not be able to claim costs against me even if they win - and I'll see to it they don't! They also have a new barrister on the job; it appears the original one left his chambers for pastures new some time after the hearing last September. I can't understand why. Perhaps losing against a layman was more than his professional constitution could bear. But that's his problem. Anyway it'll be yours truly up before the 'big beaks' next week!

I've been on something of a weight loss/fitness programme these past six weeks. I've lost a total of 16 lbs, which I suppose is fairly good going. Over the last few weeks, however, this has plateau'd to a loss of 1 lb per week, which I came to find discouraging, especially after all the effort it takes. It reached the point where, on Saturday night just gone - I weigh myself each Saturday morning - I resolved to give it up as a bad job and go back to being a fat slob again.

The next morning I woke up and, having drunk my first coffee of the day, went off to buy a copy of the last edition of the News of the World. Now I haven't bought a copy of that newspaper for YEARS, but as it was the last opportunity to do so I thought I'd see what it had to offer.

I had a good look through it. The glossy supplement didn't have much of interest to men, apart from a lovely picture of the luminously beautiful Thandie Newton near the front. There was the obligatory crossword near the end and on the opposite page were the star forecasts for the week. Now my star sign is Leo, so I had a look at what the resident clairvoyant had to say. It was this (and you can check on it):


Mystic Meg saves the day.



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