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Friday, 15 July 2011

UKIP Wales Chairman and Mike Nattrass slam Farage over Welsh Assembly betrayal

A very interesting series of emails concerning the Welsh Assembly. We share the concerns of Warwick Nicholson, UKIP Wales Chairman! More proof that Fuhrer Farage holds the membership in contempt! But was that ever in doubt? The membership are there to finance and serve the interests of Farage and his sycophants.

But is it so surprising that Farage supports regionisation? After all, he now supports Pan-European parties and wants his MEPs to join one! And Bloom is already in one! LINK

From: mike nattrass
Sent: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 17:22
Subject: FW: UKIP Wales Statement

I really do this we should all know about this ....... the demotivation of UKIP Wales..

Welsh legs were kicked away by Nigel prior to the election.... changing their policy .... please read (and the Mike quoted is not me)



Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 15:04:17 +0100
From: plind.00@btopenworld.com
Subject: UKIP Wales Statement
To: mike.forthepound@btopenworld.com
CC: rich_glos@hotmail.co.uk; dannysparkes@blueyonder.co.uk; pamela708@btinternet.com; duncanrichardson@waitrose.com; bob_maceuk@yahoo.co.uk; stanleyparker66@hotmail.com; fathertone@hotmail.co.uk; steveroffey@live.co.uk; daryl.stanbury@live.co.uk; timcongdon@btinternet.com; Trevor.Colman@ukipsw.org

Thanks for this Mike. I was unaware of the change in party policy and am appalled. This is a major change of policy and ought to be the subject of a party-wide debate . How on earth did a party which I thought opposed regionalisation( which is a key strategy of our EU masters) come to fall in line with what Brussels wants?


--- On Thu, 14/7/11, MIKE SMITH wrote:

Subject: Fw: UKIP Wales Statement
To: "TimCongdon" , "TrevorColman"
Cc: "RICHARDEDWARDS" , "DannySparkes" , "PamBateman" , "duncanrichardson" , "BobMace" , "StanParker" , "FatherTone" , "SteveRoffey" , "DarylStanbury" , "JuliaReid@aol.com" , "TobyMicklethwait" , "PeterLindsay"
Date: Thursday, 14 July, 2011, 11:41

Yet another reason why Farage must go.

Mike(apologies if you have received this directly.)

Keep UKIP Independent!
Say NO to P.E.Ps.
(Pan-European Parties)
Feel free to copy.

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: UKIP Wales Chairman
To: Hugh Moelwyn Hughes
Sent: Thursday, 14 July 2011, 11:13
Subject: UKIP Wales Statement

Dear Chairman,

Please excuse me writing to you in this way, but it has come to our attention that some mis information has been circulating about UKIP Wales, and the events that led up to the recent Welsh Assembly Elections. We feel that it is important that everyone is clear what actually happened.

Since the inception of the Welsh Assembly - an EU inspired devolved Government, with the purpose of breaking the UK into regions - UKIP Wales has been opposed to it.

Initially, the Conservatives and UKIP were the only parties to oppose the Welsh Assembly, until the Conservatives decided they had been wrong all along, and grasped the concept whole heartedly (annoying a great deal of their membership in Wales).

In the 2007 Welsh Assembly Elections, only UKIP opposed the Assembly. UKIP Wales wanted to fight that election on a list only basis, allowing us to fully utilise the PR system for getting elected, but this was over ridden and we stood List and Constituency Candidates (we believe losing us seats).

It was agreed with the NEC in 2010, that this time around, we would fight List only seats - allowing us to focus our message clearly and also utilise the limited resources that we have.

10 days before the manifesto launch in Cardiff, Nigel Farage met with John Bufton, to inform him that the 12 year policy of opposing the Welsh Assembly and Regional Government was over, and that we would now no longer want the abolition of the Welsh Assembly.

This took the rug from beneath our feet, and removed the one clear difference between us and any of the other parties. Now, all of the parties in Wales were backing the Assembly.

In the S4C/YouGov Opinion Poll taken in March, 40% of Conservative Voters said that they wanted to Abolish the Assembly altogether.

17% of all those polled said they would Abolish the Assembly.

In the Referendum on further law making powers for the Welsh assembly, only 35.2% of people actually turned out to vote [Wales has a population of 3 million].

517,132 voted YES

297,380 voted NO

Hardly a ringing endorsement of 12 years of devolution, and clearly showing us that we could target those 297,380 voters - who had just lost a referendum.

On the 21st March, the Manifesto was given to UKIP Wales, with the first words - We will retain the Welsh Assembly.

On the 22nd, after negotiations, it was re worded to we will Renew the Welsh Assembly.

This was a matter of 7 days before the official Manifesto Launch in Cardiff. We were told that Nigel would explain this policy to the candidates in Cardiff the morning of the launch.

All of the candidates were opposed to the change in policy, and many felt that the last year's work - leading up to the referendum and Assembly Elections was now negated.

At the meeting, it was clear that this was the new policy, and it was not going to be changed, so either come with me or don't stand.

Bearing in mind the fact that all of the candidates had by now put a lot of their own money into the campaign, it was not an option to stand down, and the general feeling was, that we would have to make the most of it, and play down and completely skirt around the new policy, and hope that most people would believe that we were still opposed to the Assembly.

Unfortunately, the Conservatives and Labour immediately grasped hold of this change, and could not believe their luck. They made sure they informed their membership, and all who would listen.

It is important to point out here, that all of the candidates were opposed to the policy change. That once the election was over, at the first meeting of the Welsh Committee, the members of the committee unanimously voted the attached resolution, stating that UKIP Wales has reverted to the long standing policy of opposition to Regionalisation of the UK, and the break up of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland through the EU imposed Regional Assemblies. This new policy was not passed by or endorsed by the NEC either.

As members of UKIP - we joined the party, because we believe in Britain, and we want Britain to leave the EU. UKIP should in no way adopt the EU's policies or endorse them.


Warwick Nicholson
Chairman UKIP Wales

On behalf of the UKIP Wales Welsh Committee.

Keep UKIP Independent!
Say NO to P.E.Ps.
(Pan-European Parties)
Feel free to copy.

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