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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bloom's PEP lands UKIP in trouble

Nigel and Godders driving the EU funded UKIP Mobile to disaster

How ironic it was to see Nigel Farage line up with the other professional Euro-politicians, Martin Shulz, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, et al, with a grin on his face as he waited to shake hands with Donald Tusk, who introduced the Polish presidency of the EU.

If any evidence were needed that Farage has gone native, this was it.

Tusk congratulated the Group Presidents, of which Farage is one, as he referred to the importance of the European Parliament in EU integration.

Not such a good week for Godfrey Bloom, however.

Godders dropped a real bloomer when he boasted about how he has abused funds from his Pan EU party (PEP) in order to buy a printer for his office, which he uses for UKIP business. This, we are told, is one illustration of why UKIP should join a PEP.

We can confirm that a disgruntled UKIP member in North Yorkshire, who was present when Bloom made his boast, has reported the matter to OLAF.

Bloom's popularity in his region has waned. This foul-mouthed jumped up little pipsqueak has burned his bridges with his local members - whom he refers to as his 'gibbons'. Rarely seen sober since he sold his business, following a severe reprimand and fine from the FSA for dodgy business practices, Bloom has truly lost the plot.

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Greg_L-W. said...


when talking of the many and very varied levels of presidency in The EU as with the misleading title of 'chef' or chief meaning no more than senior or in charge of some small section we note in this gadarene race to seem importand due to some meaningless title the self image of The EUropean so called parliament has voted into the position of Vice Chairman the odious Giles Chichester whose abuse of his expenses and employ of his family firm Letts with a huge transfer of tax payers' money was highlighted by The Fourth Estate!

Little wonder we see The EU baying and braying in an effort to silence reportage of the scathing comments of Standard & Poors credit rating of The €Uro Zone members and that of other International commentators