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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

UKIP: Steve Allison makes an even bigger fool of himself

We note that Steve Allison - wannabe MEP - has been circulating an email. Anyone reading this email can only come to one conclusion - Allison is a fool.

From: Stephen Allison

Date: 22 July 2011 22:35:36 GMT



You may have heard that UKIP lost its appeal in court today against the re-admittance to membership of a Mr.Alan Hardy. This is being spun by certain anti-UKIP Blogs and Websites as a defeat for UKIP and touted an example of how Nigel has been wasting UKIP's money on personal legal vendettas.

Junius says: It was clearly a defeat for UKIP. Their appeal was rejected by THREE APPEAL COURT JUDGES in The Strand. Didn't Allison bother to read the judgement?

And it WAS a waste of UKIP money as the leadership had clearly not followed party rules when they decided to expel Mr Hardy.

Allison says: I do not think anyone who knows me would accuse me of being a Nigel Sycophant or someone who believes Nigel can do no wrong, However, in this case I am definitely 100% behind Nigel. Alan Hardy is a former member of the BNP and his case is AT THE MOMENT limited to him. However, I believe that he is being used as a Trojan Horse to force UKIP to accept BNP Members into out ranks and worse. I copy below an e-mail that Hardy sent after the Appeal Court Ruling.

Junius says: So you are 100% behind Nigel? No surprise there. Your ambition is to be an MEP and you know that the only way you can do that is by kissing Nigel's arse at every opportunity. Can we remind Allison that Farage and the NEC were fully aware that Mr Hardy was a former member of the BNP.

This is what the original judge said:

Therefore I conclude that the NEC did consider Mr Hardy’s individual case in March and decided that his former membership of the BNP was no obstacle to his membership of UKIP continuing. That is hardly surprising in view of the warmth with which Mr Hardy had been welcomed into the UKIP fold from the BNP not least from Mr Farage.


Junius says: So when can we expect expect Allison to call on the rest of UKIP's MEPs to leave the EFD? After all, they are happy to sit with people that make the BNP look like liberals! Failure to condemn Farage for sitting with people who advocate segregation on public transport can only result in Allison being labelled a hypocrite and an opportunist.

For more on Farage's fascist allies in the EFD: LINK & LINK

Allison says: UKIP has to fight this man to the bitter end! We have all worked too hard to destroy the myth that UKIP and the BNP are in any way alike, we must keep out the BNP, this is a fight we cannot afford to lose.

Junius says: So will Allison be offering a very generous contribution to UKIP's legal fund? We doubt it. Some people are very generous when it comes to spending other people's money. Just ask Nigel.

And can we remind Allison that Farage was more than happy to meet the BNP when he thought that his career in UKIP was over. See: LINK

Steve Allison

-------- Original Message -------- Subject: UKIP'S APPEAL
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2011 14:23:22 +0100
From: alan hardy
To: Gordon Parkin , Jonathan Arnott , lisa duffy , , Malcolm Goyns , Nigel Farage , Stephen Allison

Dear Sirs,

Courtesy of the Court of Appeal: those within UKIP who feel so inclined CANNOT do as they please, they are bound by the law as are the rest of society. And I may add that UKIP faces further legal action unless the decision not to allow former members of the BNP to stand as candidates for the party, as well as for internal posts, is reversed. Indeed I would like to see written evidence that it even exists.

Take note all of you, especially Mr. Farage.


successful litigant.

We note that Annabelle Fuller attended the appeal. Well, at least it gave her a good excuse to spend time with Nigel. We just hope that everyone kept an eye on their BlackBerry. She does have a tendency to 'borrow' them! See: LINK

We also note that Michael 'who ate all the pies' Greaves was also at the Appeal Court. We sincerely hope that Nigel managed to steer him away from the restaurant! The words 'shark' and 'feeding frenzy' do rather spring to mind when we think of Mr Greaves and food. For more on this incompetent see: LINK

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