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Monday, 11 July 2011

UKIP: More Micheal Greaves & Mad Monckton

Micheal Greaves

You may recall that we recently wrote about Micheal Greaves, Nigel's friend, EFD staff member and UKIP General Secretary. Greaves was appointed without any consultation with MEPs whatsoever, into a high-salary job with Farage's delegation in Brussels.

The story about Michael Greaves could be about to take a new turn. He was dismissed from an International Tribunal for gross incompetence.

Here is an interesting article:

RWANDA: International tribunal discharges lead defence counsel

Nairobi, 29 May 2002 (IRIN) - The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Arusha, Tanzania, has discharged Michael Greaves, the lead defence counsel for a genocide suspect, the Hirondelle News Agency reported. It said the tribunal's deputy registrar, Lovemore Munlo, had signed the decision on 23 May. In the document Munlo said Greaves had only partially responded to grievances his client, Rwandan former Civil Service Minister Prosper Mugiraneza, had put to him, Hirondelle reported. At the end of 2001, Mugiraneza had filed a request before the tribunal's registry for Greaves' dismissal, Hirondelle reported. Mugiraneza accused Greaves, a British national, of a lack of communication, lack of diligence and delay in filing a request for assignment of a co-counsel. He also accused Greaves of a breach of confidentiality, and complained of a lack of scheduling and evaluation of activities, as well as disagreements on the defence strategy.

The registry said Greaves had been informed of all the grievances for his opinion, but in his reply on 10 January had "only addressed the grievance of lack of communication, one relating to breach of confidentiality and requested to be withdrawn from the case". The registry said, "His declining and refusal to get involved in a fee-splitting arrangement is the root of his client's request for withdrawal of his assignment." It added that despite four reminders this year, Greaves had failed to reply to the registry's letters. Eventually, the registry said, it had to rely on Greave's bar association to compel him to respond. Greaves had also failed to attend a hearing of 5 April, the registry said, and "as of today [Tuesday], despite the involvement of the General Council, he is still unwilling to cooperate with the registry".

To read the original: LINK

So much for Nigel's promise to professional the party. So another incompetent is promoted to a position of authority within the Party. They never learn!

For more on Greaves: LINK

Mad Monckton

More Monckton madness.

Many others have mentioned the recent grilling of Lord Monckton by Australian radio commentator Adam Spencer. (Here’s a good one by Moth at New Anthropocene.) Spencer grilled him about claiming to be a member of Parliament, about misinterpreting scientific literature, about claiming to be a Nobel laureate, and so on. The bit about claiming to be a Nobel laureate caught my eye, because although Monckton claims it was a joke, Spencer asked him why this claim is so widespread on the Internet. Monckton replied that it wasn’t on any website he has control of. Of course, as Moth and others have pointed out, the Science and Public Policy Institute (sppinstitute.org–I’m not kidding) website has a bio of Monckton that makes this claim, and Monckton is the “Chief Policy Advisor” for SPPI.

Well, I have a juicy little tidbit to add to the mix. In April of last year, I personally informed Bob Ferguson (president of SPPI) about his organization’s complicity in Monckton’s résumé padding in an e-mail conversation.


To see the original: LINK

For more on Monckton: LINK

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