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Monday, 4 July 2011

UKIP & Pan-European Parties. Sell out your country for a printer

The argument about UKIP MEPs joining a pan-European party rumbles on.

The 'Yes' campaigners continue to lie through their back teeth. Some of the arguments that are being put across in favour of the PEP proposal are either very poorly informed or downright untruths.

Domestic parties cannot use funds from these parties, and that is the end to it. Should they be foolish enough to do so then they would run the risk of being forced to repay the money.

Whether or not we agree with the rules is immaterial. This is taxpayer's money, and the rules must adhered to, otherwise we will have even more of the corruption and abuse of public funds that UKIP professes to be opposed to. If UKIP MEPs start to misappropriate this PEP funding then they really will become part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

It is quite obvious that that the 'Yes' campaigners are becoming increasingly desperate. Anyone who has to resort to using Wolfman McGough as a spokesman needs referring to the nearest mental health clinic!

Wolfman McGough lying through his back teeth. No change there!

And how we laughed at the latest argument by the 'Yes' men. Joining a PEP would mean that UKIP MEPs could buy loads of new printers. Selling out your country and your principles for a printer! You couldn't make this up!

From the UKIP members only forum:

Position in UKIP: General Secretary
UKIP Branch: Sheffield
Full Name: Jonathan Arnott
Posts: 2615

Re: Godfrey's Printer
July 01, 2011, 06:55:26 PM

The printer is a BAD example for the YES campaign to use because it's a complete red herring.

Our MEPs get about 4,000 euros a month office allowance each, which can be spent on things like risographs anyway.

The North West region has two risographs but no PEP; there's no shortage of money available for MEPs to buy office equipment. A few other regions have a risograph, and probably paid for by EU money through the office allowance.

The YES campaign should focus on things that we can't/aren't doing without it.

End of statement.

The NEC meeting.

No NEC meeting today. It was cancelled. Farage couldn't take the chance that a certain story involving Annabelle Fuller and a Tory MP would be raised by at least one member of that not so august body.

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Greg_L-W. said...


has the liar and cheat Mick McGough got back teath?

We know he lacks a spine and is a dishonest and corrupt boot licker who should not be trusted by anyone of discernment or merit - little wonder he does well as a bag man for UKIP's failed leadership!!

It is the party whose name this odious Essex oik keeps dragging into the gutter of his life!