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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Riots

Interesting viewpoint on the riots that are tearing Britain apart.

From Rosie's Blog:

Some people really are graduates in 'Master of the Obvious'.

Of all the observations that could be made about the riots, a colleague of mine announced widely, the startling revelation 'Did you know that before the General Election Nick Clegg announced there would be riots'. No further comment required.

Well, if anyone had bothered to listen to the law abiding people in this country, they would find a mass of telepathic civilians with predictions ranging from 'somethings got to give', to 'things can't go on as they are' and so on.

Why? Because people have seen that crime pays, that there are no deterrents through the legal system, that the police have been turned into a uniformed social services, scared to death of acting for fear of the human rights act or some discrimination law or another. There are no morals or beliefs among the rioters - did they check those buildings they were torching to see if anyone was inside? Judging from media footage, this never crossed their tiny little pea shaped minds.

People know that GCSEs at A***** only means the recipient turned up on the day of the exam. They know that the pregnant teenager will be given a property a working family can only dream of. They know that to challenge a group of hoodies could easily mean being stabbed to death and no one will come to their aid. So everyone is at the mercy of the mindless and the downright bad.

So hey, we could all predict that riots or worse would happen. But what next?

Well, Sky news have just been reporting from Enfield. A group of around 50 - 70 men have taken to the streets to support police (although the leader was none too impressed the police protection he had received so far) and stop any further looting/rioting/burning. It will interesting to see if the vigilante method spreads.

However, one thing I've noticed that gives me hope, is that the decent law abiding people of whatever colour and culture in this country, are uniting in fear, anger and disgust at the position we have all been left in by those in power adopting politically correct policies and strategies.

If we stay united and force our politicians to abandon political correctness, then maybe there is hope for the Big Society after all.

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Greg_L-W. said...


Identifying and predicting this civil disorder is not too difficult - in the 1960s I predicted just this level of violence from an underbelly of society, largely left behind by the failure to address change.

I was wrong when I predicted it would occur at the beginning of the new millenium.

15 to 20 years ago I predicted it would happen within 10 to 15 years I was wrong again.

I never was much good at dates ;-)

Predicting it is clearly no great achievement even the KGB of the day predicted it - nay in fact planned it when they bought The Frankfurt School.

Political Correctness as a concept was designed by The Frankfurt School with the express intention of undermining Western Civilisation.

Doing quite well isn't it, for an idea of the mid 1930s! A follow on in many ways from vile idealogical concepts like The Fabian Society and much of what is loosely called 'left wing thinking'.

The solutions are not simple, greater violence from the state to control the violence will work in the short term but will lose in the longer term forcing the lawless discontent under ground to explode far more uncontrollably some time down the track.

I have wondered for some time at the crass over simplicity of politicians (over 50 years!). Do they really think that the burgeoning of Islamic fundamentalism has any more logic to it than the so called christianity of the American mid west?

Gods were invented in the first place as a means by which to both control and exploit people. They have fulfilled that role in one form or another since we emerged on the savannahs of Africa.

Fear has been an omnipresent tool of all of man's gods - control but look through history never answers.

That in my lifetime the world population has grown from just short of 2Billion to just short of 7Billion and exponentially rising may provide a clue to causes.

What now?