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Monday, 1 August 2011

UKIP: More terrible election results

Still think that UKIP is doing well under Nigel Farage?

Stanmore Park Ward, Harrow, By-Election 28/7/11

Mariilyn Ashton, Conservative, 1395
Niraj Dattani, Labour, 509
Eric Silver, Independent, 299
Sylvia Warshaw, Liberal Democrat, 98
Lynda Robinson, Green, 53
Herbie Crossman, UKIP, 48


Greg_L-W. said...


sadly for Britain in many ways that is a true reflection of what the British public think of UKIP in terms of domestic politics.

Ok a generalisation but UKIP usually gets between 2 and 8 percent WHERE IT STANDS in domestic elections.

In EU elections where the British electorate are well aware that MEPs are as much use as a soup sandwich and only there for the ride on the gravy train - unable to effect anything whatsoever - the electorate use the system to show their contempt.

Little wonder that when opposition to the EU is raging and Westminster has betrayed these United Kingdoms that UKIP manages, largely based on dishonesty, to get MEPs elected.

Yes dishonesty - you will remember the pure and outright lies told by Mark Croucher, Marta Andreasen, Nigel Farage, Stuart Agnew, Derek Clark, David Bannerman and others including dishonestly rigging elections and selection processes and inventing BNP fantasies - to get ANYONE selected and elected.

The result in Stanmore Park with a bare 2% with 48 votes is lets face it a true reflection of UKIP under its present leadership as it squabbles and postures with not a single solitary MEP of integrity left as they prostitute the party by association with the utter slime of EU politics in The EFD and now wish to help The EU destroy National politics by enriching themselves in a PEPP!

Little wonder thaty out of 19,500 seats this bunch of low lifes have never managed to get more than 30 elected at any level!


Junius said...