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Friday, 5 August 2011

UKIP: Have Your Say!

Nikki's cross party campaign for a referendum continues. Adverts have appeared in numerous national newspapers - including The Sun. She now has almost 100,000 signatures. This is fantastic news!

Compare her hard work with Farage's poor performance as an MEP. Farage has been an MEP for over ten years and yet his attempts to organise a similar campaign a few years ago failed abysmally.

You may recall how Farage wasted over £250,000 of taxpayers money on 'his' referendum campaign. Only 14,000 signatures were obtained, the money spent was never accounted and the petition was never presented. Indeed, the petition was scrapped with many branches being told to dump their remaining publicity material. The people who had signed the petition were then approached by UKIP's Ashford Call Centre and asked to donate money to the party!

And what happened to the money raised? Ask Nigel. Better still, ask him to provide bank statements for his Isle of Man account for the year in question!

But enough of Farage!

Here is a link to the latest 'Have Your Say' magazine. It is filled with articles and comments from a variety of political backgrounds! http://haveyoursay.eu/pdfs/12-pg-A4-magazine-2.pdf

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