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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

UKIP: Send in the Clowns


UKIP MEPs don't do junkets - well, not unless its Nigel Farage going to a Romanian street market to point out how poor the foreigners are, or Derek Clarke slipping off to Bucharest to sign up to the 'Bucharest Declaration' on behalf of the Independence & Democracy group. Clarke was tucked up like a kipper there, no way would Farage put his fingerprints on that act of betrayal. Poor Clarke probably still doesn't understand what he did - or indeed where he was for those few days.

But it seems the ban has completely slipped. Morten Messerschmidt, convicted of racial offences and subsequently forced to resign his job after being seen "Heiling Hitler" in a Copenhagen bar, has hosted a study trip to Denmark. Also present was Francesco Speroni, the Italian MEP who recently suggested that the Norwegian Gunman Breivik had ideas that "defended European culture". Speroni, of course belongs to Lega Nord, as does twice convicted violent racist Marion Borghezio. This is the party that advocates racial segregation on buses and calls for the 'ethnic cleansing' of homosexuals.

A look at the official photo reveals the presence at the event of UKIP's Gerard Batten, and Stuart Agnew.

Interesting to note that the group was addressed by former MEP Mogens Camre of the Danish People's Party, who claimed controversially that Romanians and Bulgarians are not as clever as "us". Who are "us", we wonder? Camre is known for his anti-Islamic stance. Also on the speaker's list was Søren Espersen, a vocal Zionist and another DPP member. Seemingly absent was Sören Krarup, a DPP parliamentarian who wants to annex part of southern Sweden.

And the taxpayer has to fund these clowns!

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