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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

UKIP Blogs: A Favourite Waste of Time

Godfrey Bloom - Still pissing in hotel corridors?

It's interesting to note the lack of activity on the UKIP approved blogs. Godfrey Bloom's blog - which reads like a collection of op-eds authored by Exxon Mobil's PR department - has not been updated since December 2010. That is a lot better than the 'Brussels Poacher', of course, which was last added to in June of last year.

Micheal'I wannabe an MEP and join Nigel's Gravy Train' Heaver

Micheal Heaver's blog is still listed but has closed down. The controversial 'UKIP friends of Israel' blog fares a little better, albeit without any content relevant to the party's stated aim - withdrawal from the EU. Stephen Woolfe has also been a bit quiet since May of this year. Have they all simply lost interest?

John Bufton and Marta the Martyr remain active, although Bufton's blog lacks direction, probably reflecting the fact that he is on the periphery of the party at the moment.

And what of the odious Paul Nuttall, UKIP's living tribute to Benito Mussolini? His blog hasn't been updated since 5th May 2011. However, we note that the 5th of May is the anniversary of the death of Napoleon I. Perhaps Nuttall is still in mourning for the first Euro-Federalist!

Of course, these blogs, and indeed their authors, are largely irrelevant to the great leader, Mr 2% Farage. The dominant feature on UKIP.org is a banner encouraging us to visit UKIP@Large with Nigel Farage. This will "feature UKIP's leader giving his views on a number of issues,". As Farage makes policy on the hoof, this is likely to be of limited interest to anybody outside the Farage fan club. Perhaps we can expect the party to be renamed "Farage's UKIP" shortly, with the party logo being replaced on rosettes by a picture of the great man grinning away.


Sean O'Hare said...

A little unfair on Michael Heaver who announced the closure of his blog on 11th July 2011 here http://michaelheaversblog.blogspot.com/ where he announced that he was now blogging at Dale & Co.

Greg_L-W. said...


perhaps Michael Heavers was not able to find any news that would ease his path to The EU troughs nor notches on his CV - particularly with his blog which rarely had any information of value on it.

Like the vituperative Stuart Parr's dishonest little blog they probably didn't get the traction they were hoping for to advance their ambitions.

Now as a tiny cog on Mrs. Dale's Diary even less people will read his comments but he will feel he belongs.

What an accolade on his CV though to be fair it outshines his other political achievements.

Perhaps Godfrey Bloom has joined Mrs. Dale's Diary as he hasn't posted since before last Christmas and Steve Woolfe who has not posted since May.

Many honourable grass roots members must be rather hoping the vile Zionist Friends of Israel blog will relocate and damage Mrs. Dale's Diary rather than UKIP!

It is pleasing though to note howmany UKIP people come to this blog and to mine and subsequently quote them as clearly they are UKIP member's most reliable source of news.

When I have no news of value I guess I could point out Michael Heaver's blog has closed down as it seems it could not stand on its own merits.

Thanks for the info Mr. O'Hare as it is probable that without your prompt no one would have noticed.