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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

UKIP Liverpool gets rather upset

We were amused to read this on the UKIP Liverpool website:

UKIP Watch

There is a you-tube user named ukipwatch publishing some despicable videos. One video shows Nigel Farage with a Hitler moustache and then the slogan the only good fascist is a dead fascist. This is then juxtaposed with a photo of a Nazi plane crashing, clearly referring to Nigel’s accident.

Of course the you tube user and the author of the website ukipwatch may not be the same person but this possibility should be noted. The content of the videos and the website are alike in that they are entirely devoid of rational argument and contain only ad hominem attacks against UKIP members.

End of statement.

They will be crying about it next!

UKIP Liverpool is best known for Rob Ager, Nigel's favourite film maker. See: LINK

And here is the offending 'ukipwatch' video:

Shocking! Why is Trevor Colman still willing to sit with such people? Time to practise what you preach, Trevor!

UKIP Watch is a website which is linked to the Labour Party and a certain ex-Labour MEP. So are the videos by the same people? It would be unfair to put UKIP Liverpool out of their obvious misery by revealing the truth.

But we can guarantee that both UKIP Liverpool and Nigel won't like the next video devoted to the ex-UKIP leader!

And Derek Clark will be the subject of a future epic. Watch this space.

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