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Friday, 30 July 2010

UKIP: The sickening hypocrisy of Godfrey Bloom

From UKIP's official website:

UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom has expressed disbelief at a police scheme which asks shopkeepers not to report thefts of less than £20.

Humberside Police said retailers in North East Lincolnshire should instead keep a diary of minor value thefts, rather than report the crimes immediately.

Mr Bloom claimed the idea was giving a "green light" to shoplifters, saying: "I find it unbelievable that the police who are supposed to protect the public, obviously including hard-working shopkeepers, have come up with this hare-brained scheme."

End of quote.

It is nice to know that Bloom thinks that all shoplifters should be prosecuted. But has he forgotten that he himself was pulled in TWICE in one night by the Belgian police?

The first time for handing over money to a street prostitute (he claimed to be paying her for directions to the Colonades Hotel, where he was staying) and the second time for leaving a brothel without paying.

So what is the difference between shoplifting, and running off without paying for a service?

Would Mr Bloom please explain?

Bloom has admitted visiting brothels in Hong Kong, and said that the majority of prostitutes were not exploited: “In short, most girls do it because they want to". Perhaps he would like to tell that to the women forced into prostitution by criminal gangs. See: LINK

But we can well understand his need to pay women for sex. After all, what woman in her right mind would want to sleep with him for free?

Here are a few more Bloom facts:

Bloom was involved in a drunken fight with a certain Mr Koenig, a journalist for the Independent.

The incident took place in O’Farrell’s bar in Brussels. During one of Bloom’s now frequent drinking sessions he suddenly took a dislike to Mr Koenig and attacked him.

He was egged on by an equally drunken Farage who kept chanting “He’s BNP, Godfrey, he’s BNP, Godfrey”.

Fortunately, Bloom was pulled off the journalist before any lasting damage could be done.

Our readers may also interested to know that in September 2004, Bloom threatened to smash a class in Richard Corbett’s face after a row erupted in a Strasbourg bar. Richard Corbett was the Labour MEP for Yorkshire.

After a visit from female students at Cambridge to Bloom in the European Parliament, he was accused of sexual harassment and making a torrent of misogynist remarks. The students, who had in fact been there to show SUPPORT for Bloom, were shocked by his behaviour. One student wrote that Bloom touched her leg, and that:

“Mr Bloom asked a colleague ‘Isn’t she the most delicious bimbette? Absolutely thick, but good tits’. Of the businesswoman who he had invited to share the platform at the next day’s press conference, Mr Bloom had only four words: ‘big tits, very feisty’.”

Bloom denied the touching but not the comments.

The three British MEPs with the worst attendance record are David Bannerman, Paul Nuttall and Godfrey Bloom, each averaging under 63 per cent. See: LINK

Bloom exploited a loophole to pay a relative to work for him.

He states on his website that he “employs no immediate members of his family on his secretarial allowance unlike most other MEPs”. However Victoria Skowronek, his 21-year-old secretarial assistant, is his niece.

Miss Skowronek also works for an investment company in which Bloom is a major shareholder. See: LINK

Bloom applauded the French bombing of a Greenpeace ship. One man died in the attack. See: LINK

Bloom secretly claimed a second EU pension. Another so-called 'Euro-sceptic' who is quite happy to reap the rewards of being a Euro MEP! See: LINK

Bloom was banned from the Mansion House after a drunken outburst. See: LINK

Bloom can't even stay sober when making speeches in the EU Parliament. Here is one such example:

It is a tragedy that the people of Yorkshire have this man as their MEP. We pity them.

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