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Monday, 26 July 2010

UKIP mugs & Junius is big in Portimão


And no, we are not talking about Douglas Denny or Stuart Agnew!

Urban Dictionary are selling various UKIP mugs, shirts, magnets and even paste on tattoos. All feature the following wording:


A minority party formerly led by oily TV presenter Robert Kilroy Silk until even he realised there must be better things to do with your life than this. Basicaly the UKIP are a one-policy party who go on about freeing Britain from the EU, though haven't any real idea how to go about it or how to deal with the economy, the NHS, crime, schools or anything else. A typical UKIP party political broadcast can consist of either comedy stereotypes of Europeans or ranting upper-crust ex-soldiers and rather dim housewives.

The UKIP manifesto: "We talk, U kip".

End of quote.

Prices start from $1.60. We have already ordered 'I Love Nigel Farage' & 'Derek Clark rocks our boat' paste on tattoos for several of our friends.

We hear that Urban also intend to produce limited edition Derek Clark slippers and Don Ransome drinking glasses in a range of fetching and tasteful colours.

It is just as well that Urban don't produce lifesize Gerard Batten dolls. We hate to think what Tim would do with them if they did!


Junius: Big in Portimão

We were rather intrigued to hear that we have a big fan base in sunny Portimão. We also have some rather important followers in Brussels and Westminster.

We hope that you are enjoying our humble blog and our continuing crusade to expose the widespread corruption in Farage's UKIP!

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