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Friday, 16 July 2010

UKIP: Martin Jay - Farage's ''Media Trainer' and no friend of Gerard Batten

The following email has been in circulation for a couple of days. We felt that it deserved a wider audience.

We publish it in full:

The identity of the blogger known as "Skeptyk" has been the subject of some debate. The assumption that this is a Croucher/Fuller joint production is widely shared, but never seemed to really explain some of the content of the blog. Certain technical mistakes suggested a less than deep understanding of the current parliament. The style, however, is familiar to seasoned EU watchers, and now I can reveal Skeptyk's identity. Step forward Martin Jay.

Jay is a former editor (along with UKIP's Gawain Towler) of the somewhat pornographic and now defunct magazine 'The Sprout', pushed out of business following an unsavoury incident with photographs of autopsies on young girls. He is known to be in the employ of UKIP's EFD group - much to the anger of Marta Andreasson - as a "media trainer". Gerard Batten is also known to be less than happy, as Jay once accused him of being a "Nazi", subsequently landing Jay with a hefty bill in order to keep himself out of court on libel charges. Batten later promised to leave the EFD if it employed Jay in any capacity.

(Junius says: Time to leave the EFD, Gerard!)

It is not just the lack of up to date knowledge, or the writing style that was the giveaway. Skeptyk recently revealed that he was holidaying in Morrocco (where Jay is known to spend a great deal of time). It was interesting to note that Madame Fuller was also on holiday at the same time - she is no stranger to the land of hashsh and underage rent-boys herself - and has also been romantically linked to errrr...... Martin Jay!

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