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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

UKIP: Mark Croucher V The BNP

Interesting statement from Nick Griffin:


Mark Croucher is a former UKIP Press Officer with known links to Searchlight.

During the European Election, he tried to get bailiffs to seize the Truth Truck in order to enforce a judgement he had got on the sly over the use of a photo of Nigel Farage for which he claimed copyright.

Ironically, this photo was posted on our website, against clear instructions, by one Andrew Edwards, a non-member who was doing volunteer work for us at the time but who now spends most of his time attacking the current BNP leadership over, among other things, ‘unnecessary court cases’. Pot, kettle, black!

We have since won a counter-claim and Croucher now owes us £1,000, but has managed to get the case continued.

Many in the Eurorealist movement look at Mark Croucher’ relentless attacks on both UKIP and the BNP and ask whose side he is really on? He poses as a Eurosceptic, but does nothing except attack parties opposed to Britain’s membership of the EU.

He was clearly desperate to drag us into court, and the ‘mistake’ by Andrew Edwards would have given him the opportunity regardless of who was in charge.

End of statement.

Earlier this year Croucher also took GLW to court over alleged breach of copyright. He was too cowardly to attend the court and deservedly lost the case.

The Judge awarded GLW £8,448.50 in costs and ordered Croucher to pay the amount within 28 days. Croucher has ignored the judge and is currently seeking to evade his legal duties by hiding in Brussels. He is to face further legal action over his failure to abide by the Judge's ruling. See: LINK & LINK & LINK

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