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Monday, 20 September 2010

UKIP: Gordon Parkin V Alan Hardy, Leadership Hustings and Farage as UKIP Press Officer

UKIP V Hardy

We have already mentioned that Alan Hardy has taken Gordon Parkin - pictured above - to court over his unlawful banning from UKIP meetings. See: LINK

It is interesting to note that UKIP is funding Parkin's defence. What does the membership think about this? After all, they were never asked if they minded. Should their contributions be used to fund a costly court case? And did UKIP inform the court that they were going to fund Parkin's defence. The law states that the court must be informed if a third party is funding a case. We hear that both Parkin and UKIP failed to inform the court of this simple fact. Naughty!

Leadership Hustings

The hustings dates for the UKIP leadership contest were recently announced by Party General Secretary 'Frightened Rabbit' Arnott.

There will be seven hustings held across the country, as detailed below:

South West region: Best Western Tiverton Hotel, Tiverton, EX16 4DB. Tuesday 28th September, 7pm for 7.30pm start.

London region: Holiday Inn, Coram Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 1HT. Saturday 2th October, 12.30pm for 1pm start.

South East region: Shoreham Centre, Pond Road, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 5WU. Sunday 3rd October, 12.30pm for 1pm start. Car park opposite the venue. Contact number 01273 454 686.

Eastern Region: Best Western Hotel, Orton Hall Hotel, The Village, Orton Longueville, Peterborough, PE2 7AM.
Sunday 10th October, 12.30pm for 1pm start.

Yorkshire region: Carlton Park Hotel, Rotherham, S60 2BG.
Tuesday 12th October, 7pm for 7.30pm start.

West Midlands region: Great Barr Hotel, Birmingham.
Wednesday 13th October, 7pm for 7.30pm start.

North West region: Tower College, Rainhill, Merseyside.
Friday 15th October, 7pm for 7.30pm start.

You will note that UKIP's leadership is obviously not bothered about the candidates meeting Scottish and Welsh members. And Nigel is still phoning members for support. He has also contacted every regional organiser to ask for support.

Nigel in the papers

Giving Farage another term as Leader would be a disaster for UKIP. But all is not lost, for maybe, just maybe 'our Nigel' really wants to be the Press Officer?

Consider this statement to his local newspaper:

'I've learned that you can't really be a leader and a manager at the same time so I would bring in a chief executive and a team of professionals to run things while I focussed on the media and publicity side'.

To see the original: LINK


UKIP said...

Local Council Byelections 16th Sept 2010


Gerard Neil HARGREAVES (Conservative Party Candidate) 602
Mabel Ellen MCKEOWN (The Labour Party Candidate) 583
Peter KOSTA (Liberal Democrats) 180
Julia STEPHENSON (Green Party) 51
David Adam COBURN (UK Independence Party (UKIP)) 46

Conservative hold

Turnout 24.9%


Linda WADE (Liberal Democrats) 703
Malcolm David SPALDING (Conservative Party Candidate) 594
Joel Alexander Muir BISHOP (The Labour Party Candidate) 151
Elizabeth ARBUTHNOT (Independent) 49
Jack BOVILL (Independent) 29
Michael John ENRIGHT (Green Party) 26
Antony LITTLE (United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)) 18

Liberal Democrat gain from Conservative

Turnout 24.0%

Greg L-W. said...


I do not claim to know the full details of the Ernest Saunders ruling but as I understand it if a party or parties commit to the expenses of a Court case they shall be liable in event of the case being lost to pay the FULL costs in proportion to their donation.

As I understand it if 10 people (individuals or groups) agree to pay £3K to fund a case each and the cost runs to £60K they would be liable for a further £3K each and if the case were lost and the other side won with costs of £250K then each of the parties would be liable for 1/10.

If UKIP agree to pay the costs and they lose the case and taxing for the winner raises the costs 10 fold UKIP will be liable for that sum

At the moment UKIP lack the morality to even pay their honourable debt to me of £12,500 as fundamentally they are corrupt and dishonourable.

UKIP with its present leadership team and its parasites is unfit for purpose - in fact they are clearly unfit for ANY purpose.


Junius said...

Thanks for the info.

wonkotsane said...

Oh look, one of Greg Limp-Wrist's schizophrenic personalities is talking to another one of his schizophrenic personalities.

Is your supposed debt from UKIP the reason why you hate the party so much and write such utter, unintelligible drivel? Have you thought about getting a hobby? Something constructive like playing hide and seek on the M6 in rush hour?

And is there any chance of your "Saint Nikki's knight in shining armour" schizophrenic personality having a word with your "DCB gay-bashing" schizophrenic personality? It's hard to keep up with whether you're a champion of homosexuals or a homophobe, your personality changes so often, even when I only read your libelous, hate-filled, homophobic bile once a month when I need a good laugh.

Keep taking your medication Junius ... sorry, I mean Greg.

Junius said...

So Mr Parr is throwing his toys out of the pram AGAIN!

It is rather a shame to watch a man make such as ass of himself. No surprise that he is a leading Farage sycophant. No brains but plenty of mouth just like his master.

So this blog is GLW's? That will come as a great surprise to the Junius Team.

Better luck next time with your guesses.

Alan Cox said...

I am not surprised Parkin one of the party leaders of UKIP did not want Alan Hardy in!he was all for BNP not long ago Party leader.

Alan Cox said...

I believe Gordon Parkin was the regional party founder who does his best for the people and party , Alan hardy was a regional founder for the BNP i don't think he works ! Gorden Parkin is a top class french polisher and works and is EX military he knows the calibre of people he prefers in the party.