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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

UKIP: More titbits from Nigel's favourite bloggers - The Junius Team

More splits in the North West as five UKIP PPCs resign and form new party

UKIP North West has suffered another massive blow after several UKIPPERS resigned after clashing with Paul Nuttall over his dictatorial attitude. We also understand that they were less than happy with the treatment of Nikki Sinclaire. See: LINK

From The Blackpool Gazette:

A NEW political party has been formed on the Fylde.

Integrity UK, formed by St Annes resident Bill Whitehead, wants to become a national voice for independent politicians.

The party promises to give members of the public who are disgruntled with local councillors and MPs a voice – and tools to do something about it.

Mr Whitehead, and his co-founder, Wesham-based businessman, Peter Ball, say the party has only one policy – "we have no policies."

They insist each member will be able to take their own view but hope the party format will enable them to raise funds to hit the campaign trail.

Mr Whitehead, who has previously been a member of Ukip and got involved in politics after leading protests about the closure of St Annes pool, said: "The name Integrity UK is meant to represent the ethos of the party.

"We're trying to be straight, do things right and be honourable, unlike some of the politicians we have currently.

"We are now fully and officially registered as a political party and recognised by the Electoral Commission.

"It is now being launched initially on the Fylde and we have had a lot of interest. We have already got people signing up and we've had a few donations to help get off the ground.

"The important thing is there will be no manifesto and no policies, people who join will be truly independent.

"We may not change the world but we hope we can do some good."

To see the original: LINK

And their party can be found at: LINK

Gawain Towler resigns as a UKIP PCC.

Gawain Towler - UKIP Press Officer and former MEP candidate - has stood down as a UKIP PCC.

The UKIP Dorset North website has said that he had to stand down due to ‘serious family and personal reasons’.

We will not dwell on his family problems but we can confirm that several UKIPPERS in the constituency had made it quite clear that they would not campaign for him in the General Election.

More bull from Nigel Farage

Nigel’s first novel is to be published on March 25th by 'Bareback Riding Fuller Publishing'. See: LINK

We can assure you that it was not written by Nigel. Those of us familiar with Nigel’s office, letters and emails can tell you that he can barely write an email without getting help.

We were privileged to see a proof copy of the book. And the verdict? The biggest load of self-serving drivel since Tony Blair’s memoirs!

Farage actually has the audacity to claim that he had called for a full enquiry into Tom Wise who is described in the book as acting 'like Billy Bunter in a room full of goodies carpeted with postal orders'. He also claims that he had threatened to resign - again - in order to try to force the hand of the NEC. He puts the blame squarely on the shoulders of the 'leader at the time' who suppressed an inquiry into the matter due to 'overzealous loyalty'

So would he care to explain why he allowed Tom Wise to remain a UKIP member after he himself became leader? Indeed, Tom Wise remained in UKIP until he allowed his five-year membership to lapse in March 2009!

Farage also admits to being a fan of lap dancing. But that is hardly a revelation. We all know about his weakness for visiting establishments where the women are more than happy to help ease your tension.

And don’t expect any revelations about Farage’s long-term affair with Annabelle Fuller, his drunken outbursts, why he really resigned as UKIP leader, the large sum of money paid into an Ashford bank account, rigging the MEP selection process, the quarter of a million paid into a private account in the Isle of Man, what happened to the £211,000 that vanished from the UKIP's SE regional accounts, the statement by Bannerman that less than 15% of the money raised by Ashford ever reached the party, etc, etc.

Why Iain Dale is so keen to promote this Spiv by promoting him on his blog and publishing his novel is something best left to Iain and his analyst!

Don’t buy it just yet. Give it a few weeks and it will be in the discount bookshops for £1.99.


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