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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Paul Nuttall scuttles off to New Scotland Yard

Paul Nuttall - UKIP’s second-rate Mussolini and wannabe leader - was recently sent to New Scotland Yard. He was there at the behest of Farage to make a complaint against Roger Knapman, Piers Merchant, Del Young, Dr Edmond, Dr Abbott, Bruce Lawson, Martin Haslam, Tim Congdon and Sir Richard Body for misuse of Party data.

You will recall that Mr Knapman and his colleagues had sent a letter to many UKIP members. In this letter they urged members to vote no to Farage’s proposed constitutional changes.

Paul Nuttall claims that UKIP’s membership database was used by the signatories without the knowledge or permission of the leadership. He has demanded that the Police investigate the matter.

Nuttall asked to speak to New Scotland Yard’s Political Division. He was quite taken aback when he was told that it did not exist. Nuttall’s complaint was ultimately passed to a Police Constable in Newton Abbott who is now looking into the matter.

Nuttall has also made a complaint to the Information Commissioners Office.

The hypocrisy of UKIP’s leadership is mind blowing! They cared little about protecting data when John West’s video was put on You Tube. They cared even less when both Robin Page and John West requested material under section 7 of the Data Protection Act. You will recall that the NEC refused their request and now face possible legal action over this.

Is there anyone out there who still thinks that UKIP is worth a single vote while Farage and Nuttall remain as leader and chairman?


Greg L-W. said...


I do question some of the detail herein as to its veracity as surely the corrupt leadership of EUkip could not be so crass.

It was proved some time ago when the liar Bannerman in order to suppress the truth about his fraudulent dishonesty threatened placing a claim with The Met. Political Division - I established this was yet more dishonesty.

I spoke at some length and established from a duty Inspector that although the idiotic Bannerman had made the claim there was no such division of The Met. or any other police force in Britain.

Can the scum that has floated to the top in EUkip be so stupid as to make the same claim twice when it is clearly wrong?

Greg L-W.

Bob Feal-martinez said...
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Greg L-W. said...


what a stupid comment from The BFM!

As an experiment pick up a telephone and phone your local police station on Planet Mangle and if they are in any way similar to those on planet earth you will find that it is easy to speak with the relevant officer.

I do appreciate they tend to give short shrift to the aggresive and abusive - no doubt why The BFM has problems.

Try not being gratuitously offensive and supporting your claims with fact and you might be taken rather more seriously.

We still await your apology for your previous unsubstantiated lies and libels.

You might garner rather more respect from people if you acted honourably and were less of a coward.

Greg L-W.