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Sunday, 8 August 2010

UKIP: Dr Eric Edmond & Geoffrey Collier face expulsion from UKIP for telling the truth

'Tim' - via the British Democracy Forum - has kindly informed UKIPPERS that Dr Eric Edmond is to face expulsion from UKIP. We can also confirm that Geoffrey Collier - another UKIPPER - is to face expulsion from the Party due to his comments on a public forum.

And their 'crime'? To discuss matters that Farage and the odious Nuttall would rather you did not hear.

And let us not forget the rest of the Farage clique, a disgusting group of greed driven racists, adulterers, crooks, liars and cheats.

You will go far if you keep your eyes closed and your mouth shut when it comes to rigged elections, kangaroo courts, £211,000 disappearing from the SE accounts, Farage's less than transparent MEP accounts, Nuttall and his 'friendship' with Aurelie Laloux, Nikki Sinclaire's expulsion, the Ashford Call Centre scam, OLAF investigations, Farage's extramarital activities, Gawain Towler and why his wife left him, Laure Ferrari's interest in other women's husbands, Farage's racist and fascist allies in the EFD, Croucher's links to far-left groups, Clive Page's conviction for benefit fraud, the Isle of Man Trust Fund, Agnew and Pearson's willingness to accept illegal donations, Monckton lies and lots, lots more.

Dr Edmond and Mr Collier were not prepared to do that and so must be punished. A kangaroo court awaits them both!

Sadly, many UKIPPERS turn a blind eye to corruption. Some are corrupt themselves, some are too afraid to speak out and some are just plain stupid.

Many feel that they can somehow 'reform' UKIP by getting elected to the NEC. They hope to undermine the Cabal from within. We have been in contact with several NEC candidates who are hoping to do just that. WAKE UP!

Del Young, David Abbott, Eric Edmond and Martin Haslam thought they could fight the corruption. They soon found themselves isolated and the subject of smears and threats . Edmond, Abbott and Haslam were finally thrown off the NEC. Del Young left it in disgust.

Farage will never tolerate freedom of speech on the NEC. He already has his chosen candidates in place. Just look at the names of the proposes, seconders and assentors and you will quickly learn who are to be the new nodding donkeys.

It has even been claimed by the intellectually challenged members of the Farage Cabal that Edmond and Collier are members of the Junius Team. Oh, really?

That is news to us!

Mr Collier and Dr Edmond don't even know who are our sources are, let alone the names of those involved in this blog!

Nigel would be most surprised to hear some of the names connected to this blog.

Remember the time we leaked Farage's own copy of a letter he received from Buzek? Mr Farage would be very shocked if we told him the name of the person who leaked that to us. See: LINK

Here is a bit of advice for the Farage Cabal - We are not going to go away. We are watching and waiting. Your dishonesty and lies will continue to be exposed.

But enough from us.

We noticed that Dr Edmond has published more illuminating articles on his blog. These damning articles are the reason why Farage wants him out of UKIP. They deserve a wider audience because the truth cannot be silenced!

Here they are.

A good time to write on UKIP

I have been asked why I have started to write on UKIP again. There are a number of reasons. Principally there is a lack of news on Euroland economics, my favoured subject, caused by the Euro officials and politicos all being away for the whole of August, the grande vaccances as the EU calls it. In the UK its a similar story,the Edinburgh festival etc and as yet no one has been able to locate Mandy's holiday retreat! Its called the silly season when the media cast around for silly stories but I will surpass the mainstream media and write on UKIP.

UKIP's ruling Cabal illegally postponed the NEC elections that should have held in March and resulted in a new NEC for its early April meeting for their own devious reasons, mainly I suspect to protect Pearson from well merited criticism of his appalling leadership and support of the Tories during the May General Election. So now we have NEC elections ongoing during the holiday season, another Cabal coup, with results due just as people return from holiday and just prior to UKIP's annual conference in Torquay.

My marking the NEC runners and riders card earlier this week seems to have triggered off some debate on the British Democracy Forum. This was my aim. Any debate that sheds even a little light into the murky inner workings of UKIP is a good thing. Denny, Septic and the rest of the Cabal spin machine will be obfuscating furiously and trying to block the day light from penetrating the inner sanctums of UKIP but hopefully it will still shine in through a few orifices for the illumination of the ordinary UKIP member.

I have been vastly amused to receive indignant responses from a number of the candidates along the lines, I am completely independent, I am my own man or Nigel Farage won't tell me what to do etc. Well as Mandy Rice Davies remarked about another political cabal, 'they would say that woudn't they!' Its all very predictable but it does betray an alarming naivete about how political power is exercised to control people like themselves.

Controlling ambitious people is child's play when you have in your gift what these wannabes want. In this case its being an MEP and/or getting on the EU gravy train. I pointed out the timing earlier of how these elections will fit into the next MEP selection cycle. In UKIP's case Farage controls the selection system so he controls many of these ambitious UKIPers who are standing for the NEC.

As I have said I did not want to go on the NEC. Along with David, I was independent financially so Farage had no control over us and this annoyed him greatly! I did put my name forward for the MEP list but only to have one fewer ill qualified Faragista candidate on the list!

My father used to say you cannot con an honest man to which I add and you cannot control a man who wants nothing that is in your gift. So to all these UKIP NEC candidates I pose two questions.

Do you want to be a UKIP MEP?

Do you want to work for Farage's EU EFD group on an EU funded salary?

Both of these are in Farage's gift and puts you under his control for the next 4 years.

To see the original: LINK

UKIP's Double Standards

The EU bureaucrats deliberately frame their regulations and laws in an ambiguous way so to leave power in the hands of the official who issues the EU edict or decision. Thus the EU interprets rules for its friends and applies them to its enemies. Thus it is with UKIP also. Our MEPs have at least learned something from their boozing, troughing and whoring in Brussels. Remarkable what you can pick up from a hot boar's head as Dr Spooner remarked one night in Balliol.

Del was thrown out of UKIP by Nuttall under a completely false allegation that he was a member of UK First. He was no such thing and anyway how many UKIP members are also members of the Conservative party? Should they not also be ejected? Well No, judging from the recently acquired Euro standards of Mr Nuttall who interprets UKIP rules differently for different people.

David was thrown out for having made a donation while in the US to an American organisation, as Obama might say, that subsequently turned out to have links to the BNP. What is worse Farage knew about this when David was elected to the UKIP NEC and interpreted UKIP rules in David's favour. Later when NF found out that David could think for himself, unlike most of the NEC, Farage decided to apply the rules to David and out he went.

Thus it was also with La Andreasen who when she was put on the UKIP MEP slate in two regions while not even a UKIP member. A helpful associate membership status was found for her and other awkward rules waived for her by the ever helpful, absent Mr Gill.

Martin Haslam was ejected for speaking to a journalist Farge had set him up with!

I was ejected for agreeing to go along with a wide held members view and proposal that given Ganley's successful campaign in Ireland against the Lisbon Treaty and Farage and the Cabal's complete lack of effort to oppose Lisbon in the UK it might be worthwhile looking at some sort of electoral alliance with Gabley's Libertas. But Ganley is an EU reformist squealed the Cabal! You are a traitor not following UKIP policy! Well Andreasen was also on record as being a reformist and she was waived through.

When Farage and the rest of the UKIP MEPs got to Brussels who did NF ally himself and UKIP with but the racist Liga Nord for money. Strange I thought UKIP was a non-racist party and David had been kicked out for unknowingly once getting associated with a US racist party!

Worst of all Farage's chosen leader Pearson was sent out to the TV studios and hustings urging some UKIP Parliamentary candidates to stand down in favour of Pearson's Tory friends. Admitting he did not know what was in the UKIP manifesto ie he did not know UKIP policy in some areas. He went out canvassing for the Tories in some areas and also managed to alienate almost every Moslem in the UK. Well with a leader like that is it any surprise UKIP bombed at the election despite the still huge anger over MP's expenses.

No, there is only one rule in UKIP, do what Nigel says irrespective of UKIP policy and any other scruples you may have. Otherwise you will be smeared by the UKIP attack dogs and kicked out.

To see the original: LINK


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