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Thursday, 4 March 2010

UKIP spin from Farage while Nikki slams Pearson’s betrayal

The following short 'spin release' is from UKIP’s official website.

UKIP: A statement

Nikki Sinclaire says that her political views are incompatible with those of some members of the EFD Group in the European parliament, of which the UKIP MEPs form part. So she has been sitting as an unattached MEP since 18th January 2010.

She has also proved unable to collaborate adequately with the voluntary party in the United Kingdom, particularly with the regional committee in the West Midlands.

The national executive committee has therefore removed the whip; Nikki Sinclaire may no longer describe herself as a UKIP MEP, and she may not stand as a UKIP candidate in the forthcoming General Election.

End of statement.

We are not surprised that they kept it brief.

And what has the regional committee got to do with her role as an MEP in Brussels? They are simply looking for any excuse to justify getting rid of her!

Farage claims that she has 'undermined' the EFD and his own position as co-Chairman by leaving the group and then making statements about them to the media.

But Nigel forgets that EFD members are doing a very good job undermining themselves. And that is without any help from Nikki. Lega Nord even campaigned for the Lisbon Treaty! See: LINK & LINK

Why don’t they tell the truth for once? Farage did not like her and so got her chucked out. End of story.

Farage and the NEC will have a lot of explaining to do if she decides to take this one to court!

And now for this:

UKIP MEP brands her expulsion as "hurtful"

Ousted UKIP deputy Nikki Sinclaire says she is "hurt and disappointed" at the decision to expel her from the party.

She also accused party leader Lord Pearson of "reneging" on an agreement that she could be allowed to stay on as a UKIP MEP even after she refused to sit with its allies in the European parliament.

Sinclaire, a UKIP activist for 16 years, said the news of her expulsion, which came in a letter from Pearson, had "shocked" other UKIP MEPs.

"Lord Pearson told me in December that I could continue as an MEP for the party. He has reneged on this and that saddens me as I thought he was an honorable man.

"I am hurt and disappointed but I refuse to feel sorry for myself as I have work to do in representing the people who voted for me."

She said she would now seek legal advice, with a possible appeal to UKIP's national executive committee.

The 41-year-old added, "The party has not followed the correct legal course. For instance, there was no disciplinary hearing and I was not given the right of reply."

Sinclaire said there was "some disbelief" in the party that she would be expelled so close to an election in Britain.

She also said Nigel Farage, who leads the group of UKIP members in parliament, had "been granted his wish in having the group reduced to 12, not 13, members." She accused him of showing "personal animosity" towards her.

The deputy, who started working for UKIP in the 1994 European elections and wanted to remain in the party, refused to sit with its right-wing Italian allies, calling them "extremist."

Since January, she has sat as a UKIP member with parliament's non-attached group. She will now sit in the same grouping but as an independent deputy.

The withdrawal of the whip from Sinclaire also means that UKIP, which tied with Labour in second place in last June’s European elections in the UK with 13 MEPs each, has been reduced to a dozen members.

A UKIP official claimed that relations had broken down between Sinclaire and key figures in the West Midlands, including the regional chairman and committee.

Michael Zuckerman, the party chairman, said that the party executive committee had decided to ban Sinclaire from standing again as a UKIP candidate, using the party’s logo or attending party meetings.

Having entered the last parliament in 2004 with 12 members, UKIP finished with nine after two expulsions and the walkout by Robert Kilroy-Silk, the former television presenter.

To see the original: LINK

Pearson has shown himself to be no gentleman. He has been exposed as a man who cannot be trusted to keep his word. The membership must be regretting voting for such a cowardly man.

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