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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Another UKIP News Roundup

Addendum to ‘One Man’s Sabotage of a Noble Cause by Derek Hunnikin

In my haste to get the above document finished, before the end of August, I expected more than one item to be imperfect. My endeavour was not helped by a computer crash when about half the screed was saved on the machine. In the end I had to buy a new computer and start all over again!

Enough time has gone by for me to assume all incorrect statements have been brought to my notice, but there has been one glaring error, for which I apologise, and one account of events, in particular, is disputed.

The note from Rodney Atkinson, below, corrects the misinformation given in the last paragraph in 1. IN THE BEGINNING.

In your UKIP history you get the timings and facts slightly wrong on the events leading up to after the leadership election in 2000.

First of all Booker, Jamieson and GLW (Greg Lance-Watkins) with Farage's support stole the UKIP mailing list and attacked me - in particular for revealing Bilderberg whose Chairman was at the time Conrad Black the employer of Booker and Jamieson. The latter two were then reprimanded by the Editor of the Sunday Telegraph (Dominic Lawson) for using the St's name in party political matters. Jamieson then left and went to work in Scotland. (Incidentally, I had always supported Booker and Jamieson and both had spoken at the "Oxford Conferences" I had organised for eurosceptic Conservatives).

I then raised funds from many UKIP supporters to send out a refutation of the nonsense Booker/ Jamieson had written (and GLW had mailed out). I narrowly lost the election AND THEN IMMEDTIATELY RESIGNED giving as my reason the general corruption surrounding Farage and Booker/Jamieson's disgraceful intervention. Many hundreds left at the same time, including my friend and collaborator Norris McWhirter.

So, although the Bilderberg matter was a part of the reason for my leaving it was not a reason for my non appointment to a position of influence in UKIP - that was simply due to the fact that I had resigned!!!!


A member of the NEC has asserted that the account by Robin Page (No.12) as to why he was not included in the list of prospective MEPs’ is a parody of the truth. It behoves me to give below his thoughts on this matter.

“Most of these documents are valedictory diatribes from disillusioned people and give a very slanted view of events. To take just one example, the letter from Robin Page is a parody of what actually happened. I joined the NEC just after this one so was not part of it but I was very concerned about the allegations he was making and took great pains to check with those who were involved. I started with Nigel who gave a very different story, then I went to Chris Gill who is a man for whose integrity I have great respect. Somewhat to my surprise he corroborated Nigel's story almost to the letter. Robin had had several months to get his application in but had failed to do so. By making an exception for Robin, Nigel was setting a precedent and therefore laying the party open to potential trouble from others, but nevertheless Nigel had personally intervened with HQ to give Robin a special dispensation to submit his application late. The application was NEVER received. After the interview process was complete and the 'long list' to go forward to the hustings had been determined, Robin demanded to be included. Chris Gill, who was responsible for the process, advised that this would not now be possible. There was more but I cannot now remember it all. I then checked with 3 or 4 other NEC members whom I respected and they all agreed with this version of events.

I am confident that Robin Page’s letter is completely untrue on a number of counts. It reads as a diatribe from someone who is looking for someone else to blame to avoid admitting that he has been rather stupid. Therefore, to circulate Robin's letter as if it were 'fact' is far from the truth. This criticism applies to many of the other documents in your dossier. It seems that whenever you come across a criticism of Nigel you accept it as 'gospel truth' and then ignore any alternative explanation which does not support that criticism - you then put all these criticisms together. To someone like myself it doesn't matter because I can say "well, I know about several of the incidents referred to and I know that the version in the document is rubbish, therefore I give no weight or credence to the ones I don't know about either", but to others who do not know the other side of these stories it amounts to character assassination. It also damages UKIP and I take exception to that.”

However, copied below is a note, recently received, from another NEC member who held a key position within the party.

“All I can say re Robin Page`s letter is that it reflects precisely what he told me and that he felt completely cheated by the whole process. I know that UKIP put out that he was given extra time and failed to comply with the rules but I prefer Robin`s explanation.

I know that Nigel was never keen to have Robin over in Brussels as an MEP and that many others were appalled by the MEP selection process and that Piers Merchant said that some of it should be re-run.”


You will, no doubt, understand why I cannot resist including here a copy of an e-mail I recently received from a former Chairman of one of UKIP’s most successful branches.

“I am most sorry to learn of your resignation, though I understand why and have seriously considered it myself.

We need the local constituency parties to threaten to boycott the next EU elections unless our internal policies are restored and our whole political effort directed to success in local and national elections. You and I didn't work so hard and for so long to make a handful of members rich or to seek leadership of a pan-European party.

We can only escape the EU through political success in the UK (while it's still there). UKIP's main efforts must be made here to prevent us becoming a collection of EU regions. After all, we only supported elections to the EU parliament to provide funds to build UKIP within the UK. Unless UKIP gets back to national politics I for one won't vote for the party in the next EU election and I won't be alone.”

Says it all really – does it not?



Some members have indicated to me that they are considering resigning from UKIP. If so, PLEASE, reconsider. My reasons for not renewing my membership are unique to me and, under different circumstances, I would still be a member. It is only by staying a member that you can vote for members of the National Executive Committee and a party leader. If all those people who have left the party, in the past 16 years, had not done so, most likely Farage would not be the leader today.

It has been pointed out to me, time and again that, of all possible leaders, Farage has charisma, the abundance of which no other candidate on the horizon can match - and this is sufficient reason to vote for him!?! The leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas MP has, to my mind, about as much charisma as a wet fish, and she now has a seat in our Westminster parliament!

I have asked the Chichester Steering Committee to list me as a supporter as, in the run-up to a General Election, I shall do whatever I am able to help get the UKIP candidate elected to our Westminster parliament. The same applies in Council elections.

To the many who have given me encouragement and thanks for my efforts, please, forgive me if I have not replied directly. Your kind words are much appreciated - many thanks.

However, I must also extend my sincere thanks to those who willingly volunteered and supplied additional information, which has been included in the document.

Apart from those members who have asked me to keep in touch, this addendum is the last item you shall receive from me.

Best wishes to you all.

Derek Hunnikin
September 2011

Also see: LINK


Dr Edmond on Derek Hunnikin

Derek Hunnikin's UKIP papers

Derek Hunnikin joined UKIP in 1995 twelve years before I did. He sent me a series of documents detailing the unsavoury history of UKIP's hierarchy from 1995 to date. His email address is


I urge all interested in UKIP's fate to email Derek requesting a copy of his dossier.

I have never met Mike Nattrass and I know nothing of his views. I think UKIP's best hope lies with Nikki Sinclaire, whom I have met, and who has been very active with her referendum campaign. I know some of her other political views do not play well with some of UKIP's core support but I urge them to concentrate on the big issue of leaving the EU and not be beguiled by a sterile left wing right wing argument. One of the most effective and articulate opponents of the EU in the UK is Bob Crow, the far left, rail worker's leader!

One of the most telling comments in the dossier came from Robin Page who makes the point he was voted onto the governing body of the National Trust against the wishes of the NT establishment only after the NT started using the Electoral Reform Society to conduct is ballots. On the NEC I fought for UKIP to use the ERS for all UKIP elections.I was bad mouthed by Farage, Whittaker, Derek Clarke, Denny etc who clearly had their own agenda in these matters and deliberately mis-represented the service the ERS offered at a very competitive price..

I publish below the reply I have sent to Derek based on my own experience.

Dear Derek,

Thank you very much for sending me copies of the above. It must have taken a great deal of time and effort on your part to do this and I wholeheartedly thank you for this. I read all your documents and learned a great deal from them as I only joined UKIP in 2007!

I had worked for the UK government in the period 71/73 when Heath pushed through the Common Market Accession Act with a succession of dirty tricks. I thought then when I resigned from the Civil Service I had seen it all, that was until I met Nigel Farage!

Looking at the latest list of those standing for the NEC my heart sinks. Farage supporters and wannabe MEPs predominate.

Tim Congdon is a good man and excellent academic economist but lacks the ability to talk to ordinary people. Gerard Batten turns to jelly when opposed by Farage. John Bufton is ill and I doubt Trevor Colman wants to stand again given the villification he has had from SW committee members. William Legge, the belted Earl, is another Bannerman. He simply wants a political career after the Tories had multiply rejected him. Worse, his paid 'minder' is Malcolm Wood a long term associate of Farage who shares many of Farage's characteristics.

I am sorry I have not been more help to you but my energies have been diverted to helping my wife and her French property these last six months. I agree with most of your sentiments and views on UKIP.

UKIP is the only political party I have ever been a member of and through it I met many fine people whom I still count as my friends. It is sad, but not surprising, to realise from your dossier that my UKIP experience merely repeated the experiences of those who had gone before and that if by chance in future any non - Farage supporter is elected onto the NEC list or MEP list I fear they will suffer the same fate!

I was elected both to the NEC and MEP SW slate on the democratic vote of UKIP members. UKIP is not a democratic party but a Farage cult and hence can never have any impact on UK politics


Eric Edmond

Farage's chosen prosecutor for my fictitious damaging of UKIP was Bannerman. I am still a paid up member and supporter of UKIP. We all know where Bannerman now sits in adoration of his new found political hero and hoped for political patron David Cameron. So tell me Mr Farage who was the traitor in UKIP and who the unjustly prosecuted honest supporter wrongly removed from the NEC and MEP slate at your instigation?

To read the original: Link

Neil Hamilton

How we laughed when we were told that Neil Hamilton was to speak at the UKIP conference! And he is standing for the NEC!

So another failed and discredited Tory joins UKIP's ranks. He should feel right at home in the Farage sycophants club.

NEC Elections

David Black
Louise Bours
Nigel Carter
David Coburn
Douglas Denny
Charles Dodman
Nathan Garbutt
Neil Hamilton
Sean Howlett
Michael Kendall
Raymond Martin
Rob McWhirter
Toby Micklethwait
David Rowlands
Mike Smith
Robin Talbot
Michael Thomas
Piers Wauchope
Steven Woolfe

Another depressing round of candidates are on offer. The odd decent character, but sadly Farage sycophants or wannabe MEPs dominate the list. Don't waste your time! Just ask Steve Allison!

We also note that Ms Oxley is still listed as an NEC member on the UKIP official website despite having resigned from that body.

Good value for money?

We note that UKIP spent a whopping £18,176 on Henry Reilly, their local candidate in South Down. That's over £18,000 for just 2,332 votes. And he lost. See: LINK

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