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Thursday, 15 September 2011

UKIP: Farage and Racism

Ever wonder why UKIP is so often accused of being racist? On September 3rd, Nigel Farage tweeted "John Cleese has a point: every time I go on public transport in London (which is often!) I'm surrounded by people who don't speak English".

One would question the judgement of a party leader in making such a comment. But then, of course, one would also question who it is who actually makes these postings. Possibly somebody in the UKIP/EFD (UK delegation) press office?

Ms Annabelle 'Bury Me in a Y-shaped coffin' Fuller

The press office has always been a source of amusement for journalists. Whether it be Annabelle Fuller, The Hon. Steven Sobey Nevile, Ralph Atkinson, or blokes who hit women live on air, it has never been something one might describe as a 'slick' operation.

Norman Tebbit's website Critical Reaction pulled no punches in its analysis of the UKIP/EFD press office after the 2010 General Election debacle in Buckingham, highlighting "one of the most stupid pieces of spin imaginable, that Farage was ‘the leading candidate amongst the ten who had (challenged) Bercow … in third place behind John Stevens’."

The latest addition to the team is Lee Allen, the YI press officer, heavy metal fan, and Faragista extraordinaire. We will watch with interest.

A final question. When, or if, Farage uses public transport in Brussels, does he speak Flemish or French?

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Ollie O'Connor said...

Are you saying that the amount of non-English speaking people living in England is a good thing?