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Friday, 9 September 2011

UKIP: Farage is Yesterday's Man

Chris Cooke, once a leading member of UKIP, and a member of the NEC, has circulated an e-mail in which he states:

"I really do have to appreciate what's been done here.

I've only just forced a debate on my own local council (much to other councillors visible anguish I'm pleased to say!! :-) - on that disgusting practice of putting that deadly poisonous waste product impure Hexofluorosilicic Acid (they call it "fluoride"!) into our drinking water. That petition only needed 1000 signatures. Only 1000 signatures is still a lot of work. Although I was more concerned to use it as an public education exercise, for which purpose it worked very well.

Anyway - I fell out with Nikki quite some years ago. She was supporting what in my view then was the wrong side of another one of those ridiculous and interminable UKIP splits. But her actions since then show me that although I may have been right about UKIP - I have been wrong about her.

This petition has done more for the EU critical debate than anything UKIP has done. In fact it is telling that most of the UKIP MEPs have ignored her petition. But that didn't stop her! I have to say it, Nikki - forcing a debate in parliament - you have done very well indeed!


Nikki's efforts have attracted international attention, with the British press - particularly the Daily Express - queueing up to interview her - click here to read it. Nigel Farage, however, on the opening day of the party conference has been left looking to be in a very precarious position. Having been given some seconds on the BBC news to attack the Tory position on the EU, attention then switched to DCB's defection to the Tories, Marta's call for Farage to resign the leadership, and then good coverage of Nikki arriving at 10 Downing Street.

Mr 2% Farage is clearly "yesterday's man", and he should step down now.

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