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Monday, 26 September 2011

Gary Cartwright on why UKIP is the 'Alternative Reality Party'

From Mr Cartwright's blog:

A study by the University of Cardiff has revealed that 82% of Britons are in favour of wind energy. The Danish island of Samsø takes 100% of its elecricity from wind power, and now exports energy to the mainland, and guess what - the lights don't go out when the wind stops blowing! Last year, wind generated elecricity in Spain peaked briefly at 52% of total national demand. UKIP, however, has a different take on all this. A few years ago an e-mail was circulated by a UKIP member stating that it takes a single wind turbine 2 years to generate enough electricity to boil a kettle. Most famously, a UKIP researcher once wrote that wind turbines adversely affect the rotation of the Earth.

UKIP is now in danger of becoming the 'Alternative Reality' party.

The party's Head of Policy is one Christopher Monckton, a man who has recently been chastised for pretending to be a member of the House of Lords. Prior to the Copenhagen conference he claimed to have seen a secret treaty that would be signed by world leaders handing over power to a new world government. That this failed to happen, is something he has yet to address. His testimony to the US Congress on climate change was greeted with derision, and he was again humiliated over his claim to be a member of the House of Lords.

On the day the eurosceptic MEP Derk-jan Eppink presented his excellent book 'Bonfire of Bureaucracy in Europe' in Brussels, UKIP MEPs were supporting the launch of a book about the Bilderburg group. Personally, I am not particularly worried about the activities of an NGO, but some seem to think that this group is planning world domination. Another one of those 'secret governments'?

Society needs dissent. Dissent is good for debate, and it is good for democratic integrity, as it keeps the centre ground fluid. A stagnant polity is vulnerable in terms of the strength of its democratic process. Dissenters come in two types - 'disclosers', who are there to challenge the system and ensure transparency, and 'contrarians', who serve little purpose at all. UKIP now falls into the latter category, with all received wisdom seemingly being rejected on no firm basis whatsoever. This is a great shame, as UKIP made a huge contribution by being the catalyst and rallying point for many thousands of people who felt that their voices were not being heard, or that their concerns about the EU were not being taken seriously. Good people who had grown disillusioned with the established parties got out onto the streets, delivered leaflets, challenged their MPs, and stood in elections they knew they could never win. The contribution of UKIP to British politics has been immense - that makes it even sadder to see what the party has now become.

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Greg_L-W. said...


there are Flat Earthers, Square Earthers & Round Earthers.

To claim a turbine takes 2 years to boil a kettle is a bit Flat Earth.

To quote such a comment without attribution is Square Earthing it.

The truth or Round Earth requires more detail:
If you take the whole of the generated power to pay off the manufacture of the ridiculous wind turbine I doubt it will get around to spare capacity for at least 2 years - so no kettle boiled there then.

IF you buy into the cr@pology of carbon footprints it will NEVER have capacity to boil a kettle as the carbon footprints of the concrete block the turbine stands on and the infrastructure to connect it up and service it far outweighs its benefits.

All rather like the lightbulb scam.

Understanding a complex diddy little planet in the round seems beyond both the old religion of the Flat Earthers and the new religion of the Square Earthers.

To start to understand it is essential that one understands the utter insignificance of man on this small blue spec hurtling through an infinite space.

First set aside the bigottry and arrogance of believing mankind is important to anyone, then accept that all those bronze age gods invented for control are the justification for much of the hatred on this tiny weenie irrelevant little planet - on which we are barely significant.

If EVERYONE who had EVER lived died yesterday they would all fit in ONE cardboard box 1km. cubed.

Expressed another way if every person on the planet stood in one square yard each they would all fit in Wiltshire and Somerset.

The green agenda is essentially a communist style control mechanism a new religion for The Warmists.

Our planet is self regulating and will one day die - at which stage, as ever, mankind will be irrelevant - the size of the universe even in only the 3.5 Dimensions we sort of understand with our tiny finite brains there is no danger man are all his idiotic gods will ever have relevance probably beyond earth certainly beyond our wee little solar system.

Get a grip and understand some of the junk the Warmists peddle and the idiocy of the old religions watch:

It is probable that watching these will give rise to more questions than you have ever answered in your life.


Junius said...

We should point out that not all members of the Junius Team share the same views on windfarms.