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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

UKIP: True Finns MP calls for tanks to deal with Greek rioters

'True Finns' MP, Jussi Halla-aho - chairman of the Administration Committee of the Finnish Parliament - recently made this comment on the Greek protests:

"What Greece needs at this particular time is a 'Military Junta' that would not have to worry about its popularity and could use tanks to enforce some order among strikers and rioters".

Source: http://rt.com/programs/keiser-report/episode-187-max-keiser/ (approx 8-9 mins into the show). The comments were originally made on the MP's Facebook page and soon sparked outrage in Finland and Greece. In a face-saving exercise, he was later suspended from his party for a mere two weeks.

So does the MP support a 'shoot to kill' policy in Greece? And does Farage endorse his comments? After all, Nigel happily sits with the True Finns in the EFD group and has chosen to remain silent when it comes to the MP and his sordid views.

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