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Thursday, 22 September 2011

UKIP: Nikki Sinclaire & Mike Nattrass

Nikki Sinclaire

We would urge all UKIPPERS to read Nikki's website. It contains a wealth of information regarding Nikki's sterling working in the EU parliament - plus details of her referendum campaign in the UK.

Here is an example:

Strasbourg Report

This week saw the return of the European Parliament to Strasbourg after the summer break. To make up for missing a month in August we will be here twice in September. Next year, this may not happen, as MEPs recently voted to have just 11 sessions here in 2012. The French government, however, is challenging this in the courts. The arrival of the traveling circus in Strasbourg each month is accompanied by skyrocketing hotel charges and a massive demand for casual workers in the service sector. One can understand why the French would be keen to continue with this boost to their economy, but in these times of austerity, we should question the morality of using taxpayer's money in this way.

Calculating the actual expense of all this is difficult, as many costs are hidden. Documents and equipment are transported from Brussels in convoys of lorries, and thousands of staff, all on generous expenses, make their way to Alsace. There are special trains and charter flights laid on, it is often joked that canceling the Strasbourg sessions would enable the EU to meet its carbon emissions reduction targets at a stroke!

Challenging the Commissioner

Karel De Gucht is the Belgian Commissioner for Trade. On Monday 12th in Strasbourg he made an official statement on the ongoing Doha negotiations, by which it is hoped to stimulate development through free trade. I was able to challenge him on the hypocrisy of the EU in such matters, pointing out that whilst on the one hand it calls for an end to trade tariffs, on the other hand it implements tariffs itself. I also pointed out the damaging effects of non-tariff barriers to trade, such as quotas, licensing requirements, etc.


I finished by pointing out that the EU, which is having to bail out its own bankrupt states, might not be the best place to go for advice on trade and economics!

To read the original: LINK

Mike Nattrass

Next month, Mike Nattrass will be attending an open meeting in Sheerwater, Woking. The meeting is free. Be there for 8pm. Mike will be talking about the EU and then taking questions from the floor.

Public Open Meeting

Dear All,

Attached are details of an Open Meeting at Bishop David Brown School, Sheerwater, Woking on Wednesday 19th Oct 2011. You are all cordially invited to attend, together with friends.

Please circulate as widely as possible as I would not like Mike to travel from Birmingham to address just a handful of people.

Best wishes

Robert Shatwell
UKIP Woking Branch
tel 07818441148

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