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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

UKIP: Stuart Agnew

Stuart Agnew: Not the sharpest knife in the box!

A trawl through the content of Stuart Agnew's website always throws up a howler or two. Junius' exposure of Agnew's support for farming subsidies under the CAP caused him, and UKIP, some embarrassment, and good old Aggers was ordered to remove the offending article.

He has on his website a scan of a letter that he had published in the Eastern Daily Press on the subject of global warming. Here he proves he knows as little about this subject as any other!

On the subject of greenhouses gasses he writes that "The largest of these [by a huge margin] is carbon dioxide". Wrong Aggers - the largest of these is water vapour. The latter, of course, has a residence time of just 11 days, and so its temporal impact is less than that of CO2 (we just love throwing in a big word or a technical term here and there just to confuse the old duffer, as he is an avid reader of this blog!).

He then states that it has snowed quite a lot in Norfolk recently. Had he not left school at 15, Aggers might know that increased precipitation is a consequence of increased temperature.

The denial bandwagon ran out of steam a long time ago, and it is somewhat amusing to watch Aggers making a fool of himself on this subject, one which he clearly has not even a basic grounding in.

Agnew seems to be following the UKIP trend of giving up on communicating with the public: his Eastern Counties Newsletter was last published in July 2010. If we want to talk about politicians wasting public money, then for a prime example of waste we need look no further than Agger's taxpayer-funded salary.

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