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Monday, 7 November 2011

Greg Lance-Watkins, Richard North & Steven Povey

Greg Lance-Watkins

Congratulations to Greg on being given a clean bill of health after his recent cancer treatment. Keep blogging! See: LINK

Richard North

Another well-known blogger and Euro-realist- Richard North - is undergoing heart surgery. We wish him the best of luck and a speedy recovery! See: LINK

Steven Povey

We were very sorry to hear that Steven Povey - UKIP councillor - recently died after a short battle with cancer. We offer his family our sincere condolences. A sad loss to the Euro-realist cause. See: LINK


Greg_L-W. said...


my thanks to The Junius Team and the many friends in UKIP and others interested in the honesty of politics for their continued support - particularly with this year which has seen my cancer back with a vengeance!

I really do appreciate the support.

Whilst on the subject of health - Firstly my thoughts are with Richard North his wife and their two children let us hope he returns to rude good health rapidly as besides being a friend I appreciate howmany 1,000s value his blog daily!

A Speedy Recovery Richard.

Anyone who may wish to discuss theirs or a friend or families cancer by all means phone me for a chat - having had the disease for over 13 years with major surgery, minor procedures, chemo and radio therapy all part of the fun - I may be able to help during YOUR difficult period as so many have helped me.

My thanks.


John Page said...

Excellent news, Greg

Greg_L-W. said...


thanks John - much appreciated.

If I can give ANYONE a tip for survival I honestly believe the greatest help is the support of a wide circle of friends, contacts and acquaintances and never take your illness seriously just laugh at what it chucks at you!

Life is just a challenge and the aim is to do what ever you can to leave it just a little bit better for those around you and left behind.

We are all irrelevant when it ends - it is what we did while we were here that matters.

Very much why Richard will survive as his efforts for others have cost his family over many years but his campaigning has paid hugely and his obsessive sense of purpose and their support is the very reason he will recover.

The one thing worth fighting for is freedom!