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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

UKIP: Lawrence Webb

We note that Lawrence Webb has been selected as UKIP's London mayoral candidate. He is best known for backing Tom Congdon as UKIP leader. So a positive mark for Mr Webb. However, his supporters readily concede that ' Lawrence has absolutely no chance of winning . He's standing to raise his profile for the next Euro elections'. Indeed, we have been told that he may even have his eyes on Gerard Batten's seat! More on Gerard tomorrow.

I'm a Merchant Banker says Mike 'Wolfman' McGough

We hear that failed mayoral candidate, Wolfman McGough, was rather upset after being soundly rejected by UKIPPERS in the capital. Fortunately, they realised that his congenital stupidity, his willingness to kiss Farage's backside at every opportunity and his uncanny ability to send members to sleep after talking to them for just a few minutes were not exactly vote winning traits. And don't forget his hilarious campaign video! Tragic! See: LINK


Richard T said...

MIke McGough is clearly an expert user of rhyming slang too.

Greg_L-W. said...


it would seem Richard T he knows his place in it as only to be expected of his type of Essex low life.

There is absolutely no doubt this foolish little man Mick McGough is amongst the front runners to have done long term damage to UKIP with his cowardly dishonesty, repetitive misrepresentation and endless self serving abuse of others in the name of his personal ambitions within UKIP.

One of the most unpleasant members of Farage's boot lickers but far from unrepresentative of UKIP.

for more facts and details on the odious creep and his lies and fantasies.