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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

UKIP: Steve Allison resigns

Readers of this blog may recall that Steve Allison - NEC member and Party Vice-Chairman - was fast becoming disillusioned with the so-called leadership of UKIP. His realization that the NEC was nothing more than a rubber stamp for a corrupt leader ultimately led to him questioning why he was wasting his time attending the monthly NEC meetings. See: LINK and  LINK

As you can imagine, his outspoken views on the NEC and Lisa Duffy hardly endeared him to Farage and his nodding donkeys. Criticism of the Fuhrer can only result in the critic being sidelined, smeared and ultimately forced out. Indeed, certain members of the Farage Sycophants Club have been conducting a whispering campaign against Allison for months.

So much for democracy and freedom of speech - something that Farage is more than happy to pay lip service to when it suits him. But woe betide anyone who dares suggest that the sun doesn't shine out of Nigel's backside!

Allison's membership of another party - Putting Hartlepool First - was used against him. It was claimed that membership of that party was 'incompatible' with membership of UKIP. So why are other members allowed to retain membership of other parties, including senior officials!

Mr Allison decided that enough was enough and resigned from the NEC. He also resigned as Vice-Chairman. He now intends to concentrate on campaigning for Putting Hartlepool First. See: LINK . Mr Allison is the Party Secretary.

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sadly not just predictable but the more enlightened will be aware accurately predicted!