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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

UKIP: The woes of Gerard Batten

Gerard says "Hi-Di-Hi campers"

There has never been any love lost between Gerard Batten and Nigel Farage. To say that Farage loathes Batten with a passion would be an understatement. He's never forgiven him for backing Tim Congdon as UKIP leader. Indeed, he would dearly love to see Batten replaced as UKIP London's lead MEP candidate in 2014.

Gerard Batten regards Farage as an egotist and a man who "I don't trust". We can't disagree with that!

But just how secure is Batten's position in London? Recent events could prove rather damaging both to him and UKIP. Batten has been accused of racism by a former member of staff and faces an industrial tribunal as a result of his alleged office outbursts. It is interesting to note that UKIP is funding his defence. It comes as no surprise to learn that the leadership were VERY keen to keep this fact from the membership. The final legal bill could could run into many thousands.

We note that there are also serious concerns that Gerard uses his brother's printing company. Harold Batten allegedly does extremely profitable work on EU expenses via a company called Roundel. This is also likely to cause some embarrassment to UKIP.

Many London UKIPPERS now regard Gerard as a spent force in UKIP. He declined to sign Nikki Sinclaire's EU referendum petition, claiming that it "was a waste of time". You can imagine how he felt when that "waste of time" petition secured a debate in Westminster! When challenged about what exactly he was doing to get Britain out of the EU, he cited his speeches in the EU parliament. It was pointed out to him that hardly anyone takes notice of his speeches and that his influence in the EU parliament was little more than zero. Gerard had no answer to this.

Gerard's MEP website can go weeks without a single new article appearing. We note that he has only published one new article on his website since the Westminster referendum debate! What exactly are his researchers doing to justify their salary?

Branches in London have closed and many of the remaining ones are lucky if their membership reaches double figures. Many branches haven't seen Batten for months. Indeed, one disillusioned UKIPPER has described Batten to a colleague of the Junius Team as "London's invisible man".

We also note that Gerard was recently approached by several UKIPPERS and asked to back a call that all future UKIP MEPs should only serve one term. This would, they claimed, prevent UKIP MEPs from going native. Batten become highly indignant upon hearing this, stating that he had "given up a lot" to become an MEP. He confirmed that he fully intends to stand for a third term. Members left the red faced Batten feeling that his MEP salary meant more to him than leaving the EU.

So what exactly has Mr Batten done in all his years as a UKIP MEP? Why didn't he organise a referendum petition on the EU? He had years in which to organise one. Why isn't he following Nikki Sinclaire's example and tirelessly touring his constituency, raising funds and making people aware of the just how the EU is ruining Britain? It seems that Gerard would rather spend his time in Brussels and Strasbourg making endless speeches that no-one listens to.

It's time for a change in UKIP London. It's time for Gerard Batten to make way for a better man.

Gerard Batten is now the subject of a new blog. LINK

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