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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sign the new EU petition!

Dear Supporters OF AN EU REFERENDUM,

Further to the success of this groups last petition that collected 100,000 signatures which led to the debate in the House of Commons last week, The Campaign for a Referendum (A cross party initiative) is launching another petition at http://haveyoursay.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=219d6c228f67b5b96854da727&id=2cb871dc04&e=919fbf4633
We must play the politicians at their own game!
When the French, Dutch and Irish voted No to the EU constitutional and Lisbon Treaties, they were asked to vote again. We must force our MPs to do the same. There are loads of other petitions but they are too similar to the one that was granted a debate so therefore will get rejected by the committee responsible.

The EU REFERENDUM CAMPAIGN have started a new petition, it is worded differently so the EU can be re-debated due to a clause in the programme for Government, that the people will be able to table their own bill.
Like what happened in other European Counties let’s keep having them vote until we get the ''right'' result!!
Our Prime Minister David Cameron talks about the 'big society' however when a large chunk of society is unhappy with the UK being part of the EU he slaps us down.

Now more than ever we must keep up the pressure, we mustn’t let this campaign fade away and fail like so many have done in the past. Please make the effort and pass this on.

Please sign this petition and then forward it on to your email contacts. If you have Facebook or Twitter please post it on your pages!  


Kindest Regards,

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Greg_L-W. said...


keep up the pressure we demand the fundamental human right of self determination and on day one 21/2 THOUSAND signatures were made.

We kill, slaughter, bomb and maim Iraqis, Libians, Afghanistanis and many more to force on them a democracy which we are denied living in the centralised undemocratic and malign Soviet styled EUropean Union.

SIGN NOW & circulate the details to ALL of your friends and contacts again and again until you KNOW they have acquitted their Patriotic duty.